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Megapost: Videos Metallica !! yeahhh

And Justice for All.... (Live)

Harvest Of Sorrow (Live)

Creeping Death (Live)

Nothing Else Matters (Live)

Nothing Else Matters (con la orquesta de San Francisco)

St. Anger (Video Clip)

One (Video Clip)

Unforgiven II (Video Clip)

I Dessapear (Video Clip)

For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live)

Fuel (Live At Overdrive)

Battery (Live)

Frantic (Video Clip)

Master of Puppets (Live)

Fuel (Video Clip)

Unforgiven I

Fade To Black (Live 1985)

Whisky in the Jar (Video Clip)

Seek And Destroy (Live)

Am I Evil? (Live)

Enter Sandman (Live)

The Wait (Live)

Sad But True (Live)

Fade to Black (Live)

Last Caress

Whiplash (Live)

Sincermanete, espero que lo hayan disfrutado.

Long Live to Metallica !!!! yeahhhhhhhh