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Queensrÿche - Live Evolution DVDRip

Tamaño: 701MB
Formato: DVDRip
Duracion: 98 Minutos
Codec de Áudio: N/A
Codec de Vídeo: AVI
Frame Rate: 30fps
Resolucion: 512x288

1 NM156
2 Roads to madness
3 The lady wore black
4 London
5 Screaming in digital
6 I am I
7 Damaged
8 Empire
9 Silent lucidity
10 Jet city woman
11 Hit the black
12 Breakdown
13 The right side of my mind
14 Revolution calling
15 Suite Sister Mary
16 My empty room
17 Eyes of a stranger
18 Take hold of the flame
19 Queen of the Reich