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Physical Security Workshop at 21C3 in Berlin 2004 104 minutes, Windows Media

Mark Seiden will talk about why physical security is an oft-overlooked but critical prerequisite for good information security. Software has leaked into every aspect of modern life and now controls access to physical resources as well as to business and personal information.

Barry Wels will demonstrate the so called bump-key method, and go into details of why (and how) this works. Bump-keys can be used to open a wide variety of high security locks without damaging them. It should be considered a serious threat for locks worldwide. And there is the demonstration of opening a 'state of the art' 128-bit challenge response lock with a 39 euro magnet.

Lockpicking at H2K2 in New-York 07/2002 59 minutes, Mpeg VCD

Barry "The Key" Wels returns from The Netherlands to provide details of some high security lock weaknesses and to demonstrate some state of the art techniques of exploiting them. He will tell the story of a company that had the famous line "Nobody can pick this lock" on their website. Of course, this was the ultimate motivation for the sport-lockpickers. This panel is where you can find out if a particular lock can be picked or not. Spare locks are always welcome, as TOOOL (The Open Organization of Lockpickers) is short of good locks.

Lockpicking at the H2K conference in New-York 07/2000 84 minutes, Windows Media

Barry "The Key" Wels and Hans "Unicorn" van de Looy are some of Europe's leading experts on locks. In their first presentation in the United States, they will talk about lockpick "sportgroups" that are very popular in Europe. they will also give a demonstration for basic and advanced lockpickers.

The videos, or aleast most of it explaines how to open locks using something called bumping, basically hitting a key with a light hamer(wooden harmer handle) while appling some turning force. Also some basic's on how to pick locks. Looks real easy, good for some fun!!!

Download Physical Security Workshop 2004 Win Media 620 Mb

Download H2K lockpick workshop Win Media 424 Mb

Download H2K2 lockpick workshop Mpeg VCD 586 Mb

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