The Power Of Nightmares (documental)

This is a powerful documentary film about how fear has come to dominate politics in America, Britain and around the world - and that much of that fear is based on an illusion.

The film tells the story of the rise of today's nightmare vision of a hidden, organised network of terror and show clearly how much of that threat has been distorted and exaggerated by politicians.

In an age disillusioned with optimistic political visions of the future, politicians have stumbled on a new force that can restore their power and authority - the fear of a hidden and organised web of evil which they can protect their people from.

The film goes back into the past to show how that fantasy was created - and why - by telling an epic story that starts in America in 1949 and ends in the present day. At the heart of the story are two groups - the American Neoconservatives and the Radical Islamists. Both these groups were idealists born out of the failure of the post-war liberal optimism, and both had very similar explanations for why that failure had occurred.

Both groups did change the world - but not in the way either intended. Their actions over the last thirty years have led to today's strange fantasy of fear which has spread through all levels of government, the security services and the international media.

A fantasy that no-one questions because those with the darkest nightmares have become the most powerful.