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Undertale, Jazz soundtrack

Una genialidad del chino insaneintherainmusic, que nos vuelve a sorprender con covers de undertale.

Canciones (Para no quedar tan crap, hagan click en las anotaciones y fue)
1 Dapperblook (Ghost Battle) 0:00

2 A Mother's Love (Toriel) 3:20

3 Ice to Meet You! (Snowdin Town) 8:04

4 Turnabout Skeleton Bros (Dating Start!) 13:49

5 The Incinerator (Hotlands) 18:37

6 A Date with Demise (It's Raining Somewhere Else) 24:52

7 Lights, Camera, Action! (Mettaton) ft. The Consouls 31:29

8 It's a Beautiful Day Outside (MEGALOVANIA) 36:15

9 Welcome Home (Home) 42:56

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