Videos Metal desde la A asta la D

Videos con la letra A

A Perfect Circle - The Outsider

AINA - The Beast Within

Amaran - Inflict

Annihilator - All For You

Apocalyptica - Life Burns

Atrocity - Cold Black Days

Attacker - Tortured Existence

Ayreon - The Human Equation (trailer)

Videos con la letra B

Behemoth - Conquer All

Beseech - Innerlane

Billy Sheehan - The Lift

Biomechanical - The Empires of the Worlds

Blind Guardian - Imaginations Through The Looking Glass (DVD trailer)

Brainstorm - All Those Words

Brides of Destruction - I Don't Care

Bruce Dickinson - Abduction

Videos con la letra C

Candiria - Blood

Centinex - Arrival Of The Spectrum Obscure

Chaosbreed - Rotting Alive (live)

Children of Bodom - In Your Face

Cloudscape - Under Fire

Communic - Live video Essen, Germany (Aprile 2005)

Crisis - Blood Burder

Crisis - Waking the Dead

Cryptopsy - Graves of the Fathers (live)

Cryptopsy - The Pestilence That Walketh in Darkness (Psalm 91 : 5-8)

Videos con la letra D

Damageplan - Breathing New Life

Damageplan - Save Me

Dark Tranquillity - The wonders at your feet - Zodijackyl light

Darkane - Third (live Tokyo)

Darkane - Secondary Effects

Death - Lack Of Comprehension

Death - The Philosopher

Deicide - Scars of the Crucifix

Destruction - The Ravenous Beast

DevilDriver - The Ravenous Beast

Disbelief - Rewind It All

Disbelief - Sick

Disillusion - Alone I Stand In Fires (Live)

Doro - Classic Diamonds Trailer

Dragonforce - Black Fire (live)

Dragonforce - Revelations (live)

Bueno che me kanse de kopiar linck
mañana sigo kon las demas letras del avecedario -_-

Ruiz Mauro
nos vemos Mañana