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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: hablas español?
Stranger: major river major river
You: what?
You: hablas español?
Stranger: no
Stranger: 21 male
Stranger: U'
You: no problem
You: i know speak english
Stranger: ok
You: 18 female
You: natalia
Stranger: from
You: argentina
Stranger: good
You: well
Stranger: what about tnk fifa world cup
You: im female
You: not male
Stranger: ur country reprasent very well
Stranger: ok
Stranger: i know ur f
You: thx
Stranger: i want chat at every topic
Stranger: i am pg student of geology
You: ahh
Stranger: sex is not every thing
You: im work in a shopping
Stranger: we r youngerster
You: plz not say about sex
Stranger: i am also agree
You: omg!
Stranger: i want to friendally caht
You: omg!!!!
Stranger: chat
You: plz say hey
You: !!!
You: omg!
Stranger: r u student
Stranger: hi
Stranger: omg mens
You: not
You: im work
Stranger: ok
Stranger: in where
You: not study
You: in a shopping
Stranger: r u belive in love
You: i work in a shopping
You: not
Stranger: good
You: the love its imaginary
Stranger: no
You: but
You: weelll
Stranger: in india every thing is love
Stranger: here love exist
You: weel
You: in argentina not
You: not in argentina
Stranger: here every people attached with love
You: not on argentina
Stranger: ok
You: in argentina just exist work
Stranger: why
You: i hate argentina
Stranger: why
Stranger: it is ur nation
You: but i hate it
Stranger: why
You: arg not have love
You: i hete that
Stranger: every one love his nation
You: sorry im understand
Stranger: ok
Stranger: what do u most like
You: the love
Stranger: goo
You: but that i hate mi country
Stranger: ok
Stranger: love to me
You: not
Stranger: ok
You: i have boyfriend
Stranger: good
You: but isnt on brazil
Stranger: i have no girlfriend
You: well
Stranger: i am alone
You: that no mi problem
Stranger: if u want? than
You: im lieing
You: im male stupid hahahahahahahahahahahah


el chabon era re buitre, pero al final no lo demostraba xD, le re menti
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