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[N] Se Filtra La Lista De Logros De Halo 4

Como viene siendo habitual -el último fue Resident Evil 6-, se ha filtrado la lista de logros de un próximo lanzamiento, en este caso de Halo 4.

Aunque no ofrecen revelaciones importantes sobre la trama, se hacen menciones a algunas tareas en misiones determinadas y su número, por lo que desaconsejamos la lectura a quienes no deseen conocer más aspectos del título.

La lista está disponible bajo el último vídeo del juego, que nos muestra al equipo ante los preparativos de su finalización.

Dawn – Complete Mission 1 on any difficulty (10G)
Requiem – Complete Mission 2 on any difficulty (10G)
Forerunner – Complete Mission 3 on any difficulty (10G)
Infinity – Complete Mission 4 on any difficulty (10G)
Reclaimer – Complete Mission 5 on any difficulty (10G)
Shutdown – Complete Mission 6 on any difficulty (10G)
Composer – Complete Mission 7 on any difficulty (10G)
Midnight – Complete Mission 8 on any difficulty (10G)
Wake up John – Complete the Campaign on Normal or harder (20G)
I Need a Hero – Complete the Campaign on Heroic or harder (40G)
The Legend of 117 – Complete the Campaign on Legendary difficulty (70G)
Lone Wolf Legend – Complete the Campaign solo on Legendary difficulty (90G)
Skullduggery – Complete any Campaign mission with 3 or more Skulls on Heroic or harder (15G)
Bropocalypse – Complete any Campaign mission co-operatively on Heroic or harder (10G)
Bromageddon – Complete the Campaign co-operatively on Heroic or harder (40G)
Contact the Domain – Find a Terminal in the Campaign (10G)
Terminus – Find all of the Terminals in the Campaign (50G)
Digging up the Past – In Mission 1, find and access Chief’s record (20G)
Midnight Launch – In Mission 2, get significant air in the Warthog at midnight (20G)
This is my Rifle, this is my Gun – In Mission 3, carry a UNSC weapon all the way through on Heroic or harder (20G)
Bros to the Close – Make it through Mission 4 without one preventable Marine death on Heroic or harder (20G)
Mortardom – In Mission 5, hijack a Wraith and use it to kill at least four enemy Wraiths on Heroic or harder (20G)
Explore the Floor – In Mission 6, trick or force a Hunter to fall to his demise (20G)
Give Him the Stick – In Mission 7 in solo Campaign, take out both Hunters using only the Sticky Detonator (20G)
Chief, Smash! – In Mission 8, kill 3 Crawlers in one hit with the Gravity Hammer (20G)
Not Some Recruit Anymore – Rank up your Spartan-IV to SR-5 (15G)
Movin’ on Up – Rank up your Spartan-IV to SR-20 (30G)
I ♥ Red vs Blue – Win 5 War Games matchmaking matches (10G)
The Dongblainer – Win 20 War Games matchmaking matches (30G)
Operation Completion – Complete a Spartan Ops Mission on any difficulty (15G)
A Legendary Episode – Complete all chapters in Spartan Ops Episode 1 on Legendary difficulty (40G)
Dedicated to Crimson – Complete all chapters in the first 5 episodes of Spartan Ops on any difficulty (80G)
Crimson Alone – Complete a Spartan Ops chapter solo on Legendary (20G)
Roses vs Violets – Find one of the RvB Easter Eggs in Spartan Ops (20G)
Rescue Ranger – Save at least one Marine in Chapter 3 of Episode 2 of Spartan Ops on Heroic or harder (20G)
Knight in White Assassination – Assassinate a Knight in any Spartan Ops mission (20G)
What Power Outage? – Complete Chapter 4, Episode 5 of Spartan Ops without losing a generator on Heroic or harder (20G)
No Easy Way Out – In Ch 1, Ep 5 of Spartan Ops survive all enemy waves during the defense on Normal or harder (20G)
The Challenged – Complete a Challenge (10G)
The Challenger – Complete 25 Challenges (20G)
Armorer – Change your Spartan’s armor in the Spartan Armor card (5G)
Badge – Change your Emblem in the Spartan ID card (5G)
PWND – Change your Service Tag in the Spartan ID card (5G)
What a Poser! – Change your Spartan’s pose in the Spartan ID card (5G)
The Cartographer – Create and save a Custom Map in Forge (5G)
Game Changer – Create and save a Custom Game type in War Games (5G)
Snapshot! – Save a Screenshot from the Theater (5G)
The Director – Save a Film Clip from the Theater (5G)
Sharing is Caring – Upload a File to your File Share (5G)
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