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Arthritis of Knee: Is Exercising viable in this condition?

Arthritis of Knee: Is Exercising viable in this condition? published by TanveerBhutani

If you are suffering from arthritis of the knee or osteoarthritis in hips or knees then you may not even think of doing exercise. Doctors suggest that moving is important for both hip and knee. The joints are compressed and released, helping the blood to flow to cartilage. This also helps the joints to be healthy for a long period of time. Remaining active helps in feeling better.

It improves the pain, fatigue, stiffness and also helps in dealing with depression. It has been found in a study that those who regularly do exercise are able to feel less pain than those who do not exercise. It is recommended that you first ask your doctor about doing exercise and which exercises to be done. It is most likely that your doctor will suggest you the undermentioned exercises which will work as an arthritis treatment.

These exercises make your heart strong and also help the lungs in working better. It also helps in burning calories, which in return helps in losing weight. Losing weight is another benefit for knees, because if you weigh more then that will put pressure on your knees.

You can also do low impact exercises like walking, swimming, biking, or cross country skiing. Another thing to keep in mind is to do the exercises slowly, do not do them in a hurry. You can slowly increase the speed by 5- 10 minutes every few days. You should aim at doing 30 minutes of exercise for 5 days in a week.

Strengthening Exercise
Strong muscles give support to your joints besides protecting them. It relieves some pain and also protects against the joints getting more damaged. Yoga is also good for building strength and also to improve body balance.

For the knee:
Sitting knee extension- This can be done by sitting on a chair. Try to extend the leg forward ( do it much as makes you feel comfortable). Stay in this position for 3- 5 seconds, then bring the leg back to the original position. Do with the other leg also. Try extending the other leg also, and stay in the position for the same time, as you did with the first leg. This has to be repeated for at least 8 times.

Sitting knee flexion – Sitting on the edge of a stable chair slowly lift one knee and then place your tibia in your hands. Slowly pull your tibia towards your thigh. Stay in this position for 5 seconds and repeat on the other side.

For the hip:
Standing hip flexor stretch - Step one foot forward so that the feet are at a hips distance apart. Bend the back leg slightly and slowly bend your front knee, keeping the upper body straight. Hold this position for 20 seconds. Repeat for 8 times.