Community guidelines

Taringa! is a platform to share information, connect with people who share your interests and discover quality content created by people like you.

We believe that free expression respecting all community members is the pillar of our platform.

These basic rules for the entire Community allow us to maintain a good atmosphere on the platform, promoting creativity and interaction among our users.

With this simple set of rules we want to make Taringa a safe space.

These policies will help you understand what kind of content can be shared on our platform and what can be reported.

All content or posts that contain any of the points listed in this section may be reported for review and deleted in case of non-compliance with community rules. The authors of the deleted content may be sanctioned or banned from the site.

Respect other users

In order to make Taringa a space where there is respect among all users, we will not allow posts that contain the following:

Language that incites hatred/hate speech

Taringa! will delete content that contains language that incites hatred, that is, all content that directly attacks people based on the following:

  • Ethnic group

  • Nationality

  • Religion

  • Sexual orientation

  • Gender or gender identity

  • Disabilities or serious illnesses


We do not tolerate bullying or harassment. You can speak with total freedom about issues and people of public interest, but we will delete content that seems to be deliberately directed towards individuals with the intention of degrading or embarrassing them.

Adult and pornographic content

Taringa! is a site suitable for all audiences so it is not allowed to publish adult or pornographic content in any type of format.


It is not allowed to send massive, multiplied or annoying contents to users in a public or private way in order to promote a product or service.

It is allowed to use the platform to promote and sell products, services or brands as long as it is within their own space without invading Profiles or Channels of third parties not related to the product or service offered.

Explicit violence and injuries

Taringa does not allow images that show explicit violence, wounds, content related to human rights violations or terrorist attacks.


We do not allow the promotion of self-harm or suicidal behavior. We collaborate with state organizations and NGOs to offer help to people who need it. Content that encourages or promotes suicidal behavior or any other type of self-harm, including self-mutilation and eating disorders is not allowed.

Illegal activities

It is forbidden to use Taringa! to promote or organize criminal activities that cause physical and/or moral damage to people, businesses or animals, as well as economic damages to people or companies.

Sensitive content

The Sensitive Content functionality refers to all content that may be sensitive to some audiences because it contains some degree of eroticism or moderate violence (not graphic) that is not prohibited in the community but is content that is not suitable for work, educational, or in front of childrens.

The content marked as Sensitive will not be shown in the feed but you must specifically access it to view it.

In any case, Sensitive content must respect the global rules of the site, that is, it does not allow pornography, explicit sexuality, wounds or graphic violence.


Threats to third parties are prohibited on the site. If you are a victim of threats within the platform you can report them by completing this form so we can help you.

Respect other creators of the Internet and copyright

In Taringa! We are committed to helping people and organizations protect their intellectual property rights. We do not allow the publication of content that infringes the intellectual property rights of another person, including copyrights and trademarks.


If fragments of third-party content are used, it is necessary to include the source from which that content was obtained and quote the original author.

Respect third parties privacy

Personal or third party information

In Taringa! It is not permitted to divulge personal information of third parties without consent, such as photographs, captures of that person's posts in private spaces, addresses, telephone numbers or access to email accounts. Any information of this type can be reported and removed from the site.

Identity falsification / Impersonation

Taringa! does not allow users to create fake profiles, brands or personalities.

Rules of each section

In addition to the Community Rules mentioned, there are different spaces such as Public Thematic Channels, Restricted Thematic Channels and Personal Profiles that may have their own rules.

Rules of thematic channels

The thematic channels are communities that can be opened or restricted (by invitation) where the posts are shared on a specific topic.

The channels have an administrator (its creator) that is the one that sets the rules of that channel and has the power to moderate the contents or users if it considers that one does not comply with its rules.

Personal profile

The user profile is where each user makes their own posts outside channels. Those posts or stories will appear in the feeds for users that follows you and will be visible to any user that looks for you.

Each user is free to delete comments or third-party posts if the owner considers inappropriate within their profile.

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