Howlin' Wolf - The Complete Recordings 1951-1969

Track Listings
1. Moanin' At Midnight
2. How Long How Many More Years
3. Wolf Is At Your Door (Howlin' For My Baby)
4. Howlin' Wolf Boogie
5. Getting Old And Gray
6. Mr Highway Man
7. Saddle My Pony
8. Worried All The Time
9. Oh Red
10. My Last Affair
11. Baby Ride With Me (Ridin' In The Moonlight)
12. California Boogie
13. Look A Here Baby
14. Everybody's In The Mood
15. Colour And Kind
16. Bluebird
17. Sweet Woman (I Got A Woman)
18. Well That's Alright
19. Decoration Day
20. Dorothy Mae
21. Come Back Home
22. Smile At Me
23. California Blues
24. My Baby Walked Off
25. My Troubles And Me
26. Chocolate Drop
27. Drinkin' CV Wine
28. Baby Ride With Me
29. I've Got A Woman
30. Just My Kind
31. Work For Your Money
32. I'm Not Joking
33. Mama Died And Left Me
34. Highway Be My Friend
35. Hold To Your Money
36. Streamline Woman
37. Stay Here 'till My Baby Comes
38. Crazy About You Baby
39. All Night Boogie
40. I Love My Baby
41. No Place To Go
42. Neighbors
43. I'm The Wolf
44. Rockin' Daddy
45. Baby How Long
46. Evil
47. I'll Be Around
48. Forty Four
49. Who Will Be Next
50. I Have A Little Girl
51. Come To Me Baby
52. Don't Mess With Me Baby
53. Smokestack Lightnin'
54. You Can't Be Beat
55. I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline)
56. So Glad
57. Break Of Day
58. Natchez Burning
59. Going Back Home
60. My Life
61. You Ought To Know
62. Who's Been Talkin'
63. Tell Me
64. Somebody In My Home
65. Nature
66. Walk To Camp Hall
67. Poor Boy
68. My Baby Told Me
69. Sittin' On Top Of The World
70. Howlin' Blues
71. I Better Go Now
72. I Didn't Know
73. Moanin' For My Baby
74. I'm Leaving You
75. Can't Put Me Out
76. Change My Way
77. Gettin' Late
78. I've Been Abused
79. Howlin' For My Darlin'
80. My People's Gone
81. Mr Airplane Man
82. Wang Dang Doodle
83. Back Door Man
84. Spoonful
85. Little Baby
86. Down In The Bottom
87. Shake For Me
88. Little Red Rooster
89. You'll Be Mine
90. Just Like I Treat You
91. I Ain't Superstitious
92. Going Down Slow
93. Mama's Baby
94. Do The Do
95. Tail Dragger
96. Long Green Stuff
97. Sugar Mama
98. May I Have A Talk With You
99. Hidden Charms
100. 300 Pounds Of Joy
101. Joy To My Soul
102. Built For Comfort
103. Love Me Darling
104. Killing Floor
105. My Country Sugar Mama
106. Louise
107. I Walked From Dallas
108. Tell Me What I've Done
109. Don't Laugh At Me
110. Ooh Baby
111. Hold Me
112. Poor Wind That Never Change
113. New Crawlin' King Snake
114. My Mind Is Ramblin'
115. Commit A Crime
116. Pop It To Me
117. I Had A Dream
118. Dust My Broom
119. Mary Sue
120. Hard Luck
121. Tired Of Crying
122. You Gonna Wreck My Life
123. I'm Leaving You (2)
124. You Can't Put Me Out
125. Wolf In The Mood
126. Rollin' And Tumblin'
127. Ain't Goin' Down That Dirt Road
128. Conversation

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Male: me diste directo al corazón!!!! Mi debilidad...tuve un perro al que llamaba Chester gracias mil señora!!

Howlin' Wolf - The Complete Recordings 1951-1969
Wolf and I made two songs in his room one day, just us. He partly did this as harmonica lessons for me . I hope to get these songs out on some compilation, at last , by the end of this year. I'm the chosen photographer, music student and great friend of legendary blues giant Howlin' Wolf ( Chester Burnett ) and the story and 99 wonderful photos of The Mighty Wolf are available to enjoy at www.howlingwolfphotos.com
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