[Aporte] Modo Arsenal Demolition agregado al juego

[Aporte] Modo Arsenal Demolition agregado al juego

Today we are releasing the first Arsenal: Demolition map into the beta. Along with the new mode and map, there are numerous bug fixes and graphical updates.

Arsenal Demolition is a fast paced mix of bomb planting and gun progression. There are no buy menus, you start with a rifle and if you get a kill that round – you get a progressively weaker weapon in the next round.

After 5 rounds the sides switch and you do it again, for a total of 10 rounds.

This mode is based on the Gun Game mod. The traditional version of Gun Game will appear later in CS:GO as Arsenal: Arms Race.

Special thanks to the GG Team for all their help.

We are also adding 10,000 more players into the beta today.

TL;DR : Sacaron un nuevo modo de juego el cual vendría a ser un gungame solo que sin respawn, por cada muerte pasás de nivel, empezás por armas fuertes hasta las débiles y podés plantar C4/Defusear

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