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Life is only as valuable as those who hold it. My life is worthless, for it rest in my hands alone

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Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss
The music video to Seasons in the abyss by Slayer
FranticCentral - YouTube
slayer-Jesus Saves
Jesus Saves
shaun quail - YouTube
Why Every Proof that .999... = 1 is Wrong
Take that, mathematics! Original Video: My personal website, which you might like:
Vihart - YouTube
Cada dia hacen mejor los autos o las bicis :O
Solo 3hs mas para TERA Online Liberado del cap 38
Victima: @The-Loko #Reshout un dia de suspencion #MeGusta una semana de suspencion el que llega a 300 gana y el ultimo comentario sera el mo...
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The Motherfucking Pterodactyl - Sarah Donner and The Oatmeal
An animated sing along video created by The Oatmeal and Sarah Donner. More Oatmeal: More of Sarah's music: http://www...
Matthew Inman - YouTube
SI para vos sabes bien que es para vos ESCUPE ASADO !!!