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Animals Pranking Animals: Compilation
We're celebrating April Fool's Day with a compilation of our favorite pranks by animals and on animals! SUBSCRIBE: Want a chance to...
America's Funniest Home Videos - YouTube
Watch: China’s PLA finishes bridging work over Yangtze River in 26 minutes
The Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s engineering corps recently launched a drill of establishing floating bridge, aiming to test the corps’ capacity of thr...
CGTN - YouTube
El terrible accidente por el que sale despedida una mujer embarazada de una ambulancia
- YouTube
Pablo Iglesias en Chatroulette
Utilizando un video de youtube de Pablo Iglesias, hago creer a la gente que él esta haciendo campaña en Chatroulette y tienen la oportunidad de transmitirle ...
Yogurin - YouTube
Norman Hates Christmas (and my singing)
Norman hates Christmas, but he really HATES when I sing. He gets so embarrassed. It's torture for him! Merry Christmas from our Bullmastiff Scrooge!! Every d...
Norman - YouTube
OhDios en la escuela: La sumatoria de las fuerzas
Toxicity Comparison (This little will KILL you)
From bee sting to cobra bites, we measure the deadliest substance known to mankind and see how much it takes to kill a person. Everything from the top 10 dea...
Reigarw Comparisons - YouTube
From Trenton With Love ROM Blue Whale Heart Packing
How do you wrap and ship a blue whale heart? In November 2015, a team from the ROM returned to Trenton, Ontario to prep a blue whale's heart to ship it to Ge...
Royal Ontario Museum - YouTube
Cualquier parecido con nojotros es coincidencia
Fue al parque a ver animales con sus hijos sin saber lo que iba a ocurrir
- YouTube
1955 Tucker Sno-Cat Type 743 Double Drive
1955 Tucker Sno-Cat Type 743 Double Drive
ApolloEight Genesis - YouTube
Rescatan el drone viejo con el nuevo
Drone Rescue
Two Months ago my roommate drunkenly lost my small drone on a neighbors roof. Two months later after upgrading to a larger drone I attempted a rescue of the ...
Harrisen Howes - YouTube
Are You Ready Yet? A Rubik's Cube Proposal
Done at MCC Gamma 2015. My website with 2x2 algs and more: Facebook: Song: Candyland by Tobu provided by NCS. h...
cyotheking - YouTube
This is How they Fish Piranhas in Brazil
This is how they fish piranhas in Brazil! Video courtesy of Being Latino | Facebook
Mitch - YouTube
Korah vuelve a salirse doblando virales
Doblando Virales 5
Más doblaje de virales :) SUSCRÍBETE si quieres crear un vínculo :) TWITTER, a veces digo tonterías - GOOGL...
El canal de Korah - YouTube
Albiol (PP), contra la PLATAFORMA ANTI DESAHUCIOS:"Son unos sin vergüenzas y unos vividores"
García Albiol, del PP catalán, carga contra la PAH por sus acciones asociadas a la política y otros actos. PP - Podemos - Rajoy - Pablo Iglesias - Errejón - ...
Prodigi0Tv - YouTube