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What are the most common loopholes of the sliding glass door?

Having a sliding door in your premises increases the security of your place. But, there are some loopholes which you should know and we have mentioned some of them for your understanding.

Latches are very simple

Before leaving the home you make sure the sliding glass door is locked properly but that might not be enough to control the theft. Most of these doors are simple latches which the burglars can bypass just by shaking the door a little bit.
In case, you feel the functioning of the door is not the same then you should contact the experts for


What are the most common loopholes of the sliding glass door? published by jimmymezrich

Not installed at the main

Mostly, when these doors are installed they are on the back or side. Due to this, it gives the chance to the thieves to enter your place and you won’t even notice them. What you can do is get a security alarm installed on the door so that you get to know if someone is entering your place.

Things placed inside are visible

These doors are like large windows and they allow the burglars to know what valuables you have inside your home. You can get a window film as they will hide all the details of your place.

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