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ولادة جديدة من روحك يعتمد على ما تتعلمه في هذه الحياة
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  • Permits for the examination of ruins, the excavation of archaeological sites, and the gathering of objects of antiquity upon the lands under their respective jurisdictions may be granted by
  • The Diploma in Ancient Languages is a 'stand alone' award, for students who wish to study ancient languages without necessarily completing a Major in Ancient History, or who wish to extend their studies during or after completion of their BA degree. The Diploma in Ancient Languages is open to students eligible for admission to a degree program at Macquarie or another approved institution. The Diploma in Ancient Languages is HECS-based. Transfer is possible from the Diploma to a Bachelor of Arts Degree. The languages offered are: Ancient Greek, Latin, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Coptic, Sanskrit, Akkadian and Classical Hebrew.
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  • Antiquities Act was the first general act providing protection for historic and prehistoric archaeological resources located on
  • Archeological Resources are material remains of past human life or activities that are of archaeological interest, as determined under uniform regulations promulgated pursuant to this Act. Regulations containing such determination shall include, limited to: pottery, basketry, bottles, weapons, weapon projectiles, tools, structures or portions of structures, pit houses, rock paintings, rock carvings, intaglios, graves, human skeletal materials, or any portion or piece of any of the foregoing items. Fossilized and fossilized paleontological specimens, or any portion or piece thereof, shall not be considered archaeological resources, under
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