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Serie A is approaching the decisive phase of the championship. The overtaking that Milan made against Inter in the last round could be a turning point in the season. True, the Nerazzurri have one game less (with Bologna), but at the moment it is not known when he will play and under what conditions he will arrive https://upsure.co.za/applications/topbet-app. For this reason, Pioli's wards unexpectedly became the favorites of the Scudetto.

The fight for fourth place seems to be limited to Juventus and Atalanta. Also in this case, as far as the Scudetto is concerned, the Bianconeri are ahead and the Nerazzurri have one less game. The same goes for the people of Gasperini, what was done for the people of Inzaghi: the recovery is unknown, because it is not known under what conditions the orobics will get there.

But what do bookmakers think about it? To answer this question, let's take a look at Rabona Betting odds to win Serie A.

Odds for the Rabona Championship

Curiously, Rabona still sees Inter as top favorites for the 2021-2022 championship. In fact, the odds of the Nerazzurri are 1.44. So, for this book, the Nerazzurri, despite being second now, will easily take home a second Scudetto in a row.

The Nerazzurri have a very low share, perhaps too low if you think that the title of the current A-League leader, AC Milan, comes at odds of 5.80. Probably the different calendar of the two teams also matters. In fact, Inter only have to face Fiorentina (home), Juventus (away) and Roma (home) from the top eight, while Milan have yet to deal with Napoli (away) , Lazio (away), Fiorentina (home). and Atalanta (at home).

The last team to stop Inter, Napoli, is considered third odd in the fight for the title. However, the Neapolitan championship is given to 7. In this case, a home draw in the last match puts a lot of pressure. In fact, the Azzurri are left at -1 by Inter, who, however, have one less game, so they are practically at -4.

Milan, by contrast, are two points behind with the same number of matches. Beating two teams with 13 days left is considered a challenge, especially against Lazio (away), AC Milan (home), Atalanta (away), Fiorentina (home) and Rome (home) ).

The fight for the championship, it seems, comes down to these three teams, it could not be otherwise. Juventus, in fact, have -9 from the Rossoneri, and Atalanta -11 (although one game less). On the contrary, Allegri's team is 8 points behind Inter (with one more match), and Gasperini's team is -10 (with the same number of matches). For this reason, the chances of these two teams winning the championship are especially high. Juventus are given 13, and Atalanta even 35.

Odds of placing champions Rabona

The race for the Champions zone is considered more intriguing. Here "Inter" is not even listed, which indicates a great deal of trust placed in Inzaghi's team. The shares of Milan and Naples, on the other hand, are "Bulgarian". The Rossoneri qualification is played with a score of 1.11 and the Azzurri with a score of 1.12. As for the fight for fourth place, Rabona sees Juventus (1.36) ahead of Atalanta (1.73).

In this case, the Bianconeri's winter transfer campaign has shifted the decision in their favor. Even the calendar seems to smile at Vlahovic and his teammates, who should only face Inter and Lazio at home and Fiorentina outside in the top 8. On the other hand, the Orobics have yet to deal with Fiorentina (outside), Rome (outside). , Naples (home) and Milan (away). Between these two teams and the rest of the abyss. Minimal hopes are placed on Lazio (11), also with a comeback from Sarri's men, but fourth place remains difficult for Biancocelesti.

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