Historia corta parte 1 - Agua

Serie de historias cortas escritas por mi. Esta en ingles por ahora, traducción disponible cuando encuentre el archivo original.

Water - First out of five shot stories about a man and his thoughts

Historia corta parte 1 - Agua

Reality then seamed like a long forgotten dream for Nathan as he moved across the partially flooded room. It looked like an image of the Odyssey, where Ulysses got to a long forgotten island to find his real destiny. The truth then seamed like lies and confusion filled his lonely soul. What really mattered for him was to get out of that desperate state he found himself into, but the torturing truth was that there was no scape possible, he was trapped into that small ancient room with nothing more than the feeling of water wetting his feet.
Nathan then saw in front of his an obscure figure that was no more unreal than himself. In an attempt to contact this figure Nathan asked him his name. As nothing but a dead whisper came out of his mouth, he wondered how he has got there, and how could that awkward figure came out of nowhere in the blink of an eye.
He got even more desperate as silence seamed to be the only language the figure spoke. He moved towards the figure to get a better look of it, but the more he moved the further the figure seamed to be. At this point of the situation Nathan gave up all hope of reaching his destination. He sat and closed his eyes waiting for the inescapable to come.
Soon he found peace in his thoughts, where only existed the sound of water and the sight of beams of light moving across the water to enlighten the deepest of his thoughts. There was light then, he found the truth inside him and the answer to the questions he asked himself while in desperation. Then he stood up and walked slowly to the figure, as it came closer the clearer it looked to him as the sound of water moving calmed him down and the once dead hope revived.
He then saw what the figure really was, himself. The once unknown figure told Nathan:
"Good, you finally realised, now comes the hard part...Open your eyes"
Nathan the woke up soaked to the bones in sweat, he would now start to live his life as he never did before.

Espero que les haya gustado.

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no, la onda es decirte:

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ademas podes traducirlo sin el archivo original.
te gusta escribir historias pasate por aca http://www.taringa.net/comunidades/librosehistoriasdelamente/
che al final quien las hizo?? por q ak tambien esta la misma con distintos autores....