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Dejame Vivir - Let me live "Los Yonic's"

An ancient legend says that, a child getting ready to born told God
-Tomorrow you will send me to earth ,but how I'm going to live there being so small and weak?
- Between all the angels, I chose one that is waiting for you, God answered .
- But here, in heaven, I do not do more than sing and smile, and that's enough for my happiness. I will able to smile and sing being in the earth??
-That angel will sing you and smile every day, and you will feel very happy with her songs and her smiles.
- And how I'm going to understand if you tell me something ,if I do not know the strange language of men?
-That angel will speak with you and will teach you all the sweeties words that the humans hear.
-what I'm going to do if I want to talk to you?
-That angel will put your little hands together and will teach you to pray.
-I heard on earth there are bad men. Who will defend me?
-That angel will defend you, even with its life.
-But I always going be sad because I don't going to see you anymore Lord, with out seeing you I am going to feel very lonely.
-That angel will tell you about me and it will show you the way to go back to my presence.
In that moment, an overwhelming peace reigned in heaven, voices are not heard from the people ,then gently the boy asked: tell me her name Lord. And God said: This angel is called.

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfT3DJ2xqig

Dejame Vivir - Let me live "Los Yonic's"

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no manches si de verdad somos seres humanos e inteligentes darian ganas de llorar por lo estupido que nos comportamos la mayoria de las veces.......suerte y salud !!!!!!!!!!!
y muchas gracias !!!!!!!!!!!
¡Cuánta razón tienen!, ah... qué cosas