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Palabras cruzadas/crucigrama - British history

Hola, hola! Les acerco un ejercicio de palabras cruzadas que elaboré hace unos días y que pueden emplear con sus alumnos en INGLÉS.. Las respuestas están entre paréntesis!


1. Area in Scotland that became depopulated as people moved away and as old clan lands were sold. (Highlands)
2. The greatest example of Britain's industrial power in the mid-nineteenth century. (Railway)
3. Small villages near the industrial cities with all the advantages of towns (Suburbs)
4. Most people didn't own their homes but _____________ them. (Rented)
5. Country that by 1870 became mainly an industrial area (Wales)
6. The first generation of factory owners preferred that activity to industry. (Commerce)

1. Name of the place where The Great Exhibition took place; 3 words. (The Cristal Palace)
2. Title of the person of the XIX century appointed to care about proper drains, clean water and housing, 2 words. (Health officer)
3. Name of the main food of the poor that failed for 3 years causing famine., 2 words. (Potato crop)
4. Disease which caused the death of over 31.000 people in 1832. (Cholera)
5. Members of the British Conservative Party. (Tories)
6. Country whose major population is Catholic and was in constant fights with England. (Ireland)
7. One of the characteristics of cities and towns in Britain around 1830. (Overcrowded)


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