fotos graciosas

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buenas fotos cabeza
muy bueno che!!!!!!!!
mmmmm.... no me parecio tan bueno
Les mando esta historia que es de un MSN en ingles osea ingles raro copien todo esta historia y la pasan a www.altoque.com
van a a bajo y dice traductor de google Viste que dice : Ingles a español Bueno lo ponen y TRADUSCAN Y VERAS LO QUE DICE Es la Historia en el MESSENGER HACIENDO BUASADAS Y COSAS!!! Primero van todo re bien y despues como que se ase asi se ponen locos los tipos bueno les paso ahi va

Historia del msn Perez legendario elefantes y Susia .....

hello how are you?
good and you?
also well well
a few? you tenes?
I have fifteen y tu?
fence that? or ninety to? you?
I am an idiot re saaa good and old and I always re wrinkled
como te llamas?
my name is legendary elephants Perez
oh my name is Susie and socket adrian tmb have another name called me stupid
Oh well I love people and want to kill birds of a blow to the bowling
Ah Okas I pee in my pants and I have diarrhea every time I watch a girl or I'm going to play it conoses limbo?
Yo ..?
If ... No te agas but the wanker to me or I'll break your face with this brick in my pocket
No .... no lo conosco that game with me you say shit and those boludeses
to good I'm going to do shit in a friend's house you know I have a secret wisdom?
Did not know you had no secrets hidden in your ass ...
I tell you ....
Dale gil
Well in my friend's house and cover my entire bathroom cago one turd so big as 30 inches and is 5 inches long
Well if you do that shit everyday gil fucking evil piece of shit
Que te pasa? ... Pizzazz in the shell of your sister ... Son of a bitch who is in his pants urine!
Jajaja make me laugh ....
For that you're a fucking evil kidded that laughs all day eh ...?
I say no no me ago wets the bed or in your pants think you're insulting yourself jajaja ...
Because you said that made you poo and pee when you look at the girls
That stupid I am like you could have said that ....!!!
That happens by pelotudo son of a bitch that you're awful posh tell a joke ... you know where the stick???? che puto know where is the stick????
The guy that throws a fart in the face socket jajajaja ... estupido de mierda andate stressed from mother to bore you piece of gil
Chau ... fucking ... SOS PDT = Loser
and also avos gay chay .... pdt = Sos un cagon motherfucker ....
The cagon serro cecion
The best serro swears secion
Gracias espero que se caguen de risa cuando lo traduscan lo que dice ejejejj!!!!