Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapost

First modern Olympic Games in 1894, Athens.
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostBobby Walthour, with pacer Hoffman, about 1903-04
megaNed Murphy, a member of or visiting player at Christendom Cricket Club, Co. Waterford. Date: 28 July 1902
fotosCricket Match at Nainital, 1899.
PostSyracuse freshmen on the rowing team sit around the dinner table on June 19, 1908.
anitugasQueenie Newall. 1908 Olympics London
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostSaint-Louis 1904-DESMARTEAU Etienne (CAN) 1st in 56 pounds weight throw
megaCyclists ride in the first running of the Tour de France, in 1903.
fotosCirca 1915: American athlete Jim Thorpe posing in a football uniform on a field.
PostTug of war Lively clash of contestants at Drumleck, Co. Louth. Date: Circa 1907
anitugasTwo women playing golf on a links in Co. Louth. Date: Circa 1907
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostStart of a bicycle race in 1901.
megaKilkenny Hurler Date: Circa 1923
fotosSupporter “riots”, England, London, 1923.
PostBoys proudly carrying their football boots around their neck. The Netherlands, 1915-1925.
anitugasLeague soccer match for the Dutch championship between HBS and Go Ahead Eagles (result 4-2). March 1925.
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostSoccer on motorbikes on the footbal pitch of Crystal Palace in London, England 1923.
megaWomen’s football. The team captains greet each other with a kiss. England, Preston, 1920.
fotosDutch skater Jaap Eden on the ice. Location here, 1890-1900.
PostIce-hockeying women in bathing suits. Minneapolis, USA, 1925.
anitugasSpeed skating: Dutch skaters Lijkle Poepjes and B. van der Zee standing ready for the start of a skating race in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands), 1914.
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostFelix Sellier is angry after being hit by a car. Tour de France, early 1920s.
megaThe finish of the first Tour. At the right: the first winner, Maurice Garin. 1903
fotosThe famous Tour winner Lucien Petit-Breton (1907 and 1908).
PostApril 1923. “Firpo.” The Argentine heavyweight boxer Luis Angel Firpo in New York.
anitugasJuly 29, 1922. Newark, New Jersey. “Girl athletes to sail on Aquitania. Stine, Sabie, Gilliland, Batson, Snow.” Contestants bound for Paris, France, and the first international track meet for women.
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostCirca 1920s, “Boxing at Walter Reed Hospital.”
megaAugust 15, 1922. Washington, D.C. “Florence Skadding and Mark Coles.” At the Tidal Basin bathing pavilion.
fotos1920 or 1921. “Lexington. Pike’s Peak car.”
PostNew York City circa 1918. “Start of cripples’ one-legged race.”
anitugasWashington, D.C., circa 1920. “Donnie Moore in Duesenberg.”
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostJuly 11, 1925. “Auto races at Laurel, Maryland.” The 1⅛-mile wooden oval at Laurel Speedway.
megaJune 1, 1918. Six of the eight contestants in the 100-mile Harkness Handicap on Sheepshead Bay Motor Speedway’s two-mile wooden oval in Brooklyn, New York
fotosOctober 4, 1923. Washington, D.C. Danish athletes at the Pension Office Building
PostNovember 10, 1922. “Girls’ rifle team.”
anitugasHarry Cody with sports medals. 1916.
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostBabe Ruth, Bill Carrigan, Jack Barry and Vean Gregg of the Boston Red Sox in 1916.
megaMiss Katharine Harley, former champion of the U.S. won at Chevy Chase, 1908.
fotosRowing. Cambridge Crew. 1910-1915.
PostThree young women posing in swimsuits and wearing their swimming competition medals. circa 1915.
anitugasArmy – Navy game, Polo Grounds, New York. 1915.
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostSibyl Marston. 1910-1920.
megaHuge crowd of baseball fans watching baseball scoreboard during World Series game in New York City. 1911 Oct. 27.
fotosWashington, D.C., circa 1915. “Women’s tennis league section leaders.”
PostGeorge Goulding. 1910.
anitugasCirca 1910. “Woodberry Forest Gymnasium Team.” Prep-school gymnasts from Orange, Virginia.
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostSt. Mary’s County, Maryland, circa 1920. “Charlotte Hall Military Academy baseball.”
megaWashington, D.C., circa 1911. “Georgetown basketball.” Georgetown Preparatory School junior varsity.
fotosNovember 14, 1925. “Georgetown-Centre College game.” Georgetown University takes on Kentucky’s “Praying Colonels” at Griffith Stadium in Washington, D.C.
PostTwo young boys wrestling on the ground as others watch. 1865-1872.
anitugasStanley Harris, Washington Nationals.” Washington manager and second baseman Stanley “Bucky” Harris at Griffith Stadium in 1925.
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostJuly 18, 1925. Laurel, Maryland. “R.J. O’Connor, inter-city championship bicycle races, Laurel Speedway.”
mega1925. Washington, D.C. “C.H. Milano, Ross School, 5-3/4. Plaza playground.”
fotosWashington, D.C. May 31, 1924. “High school track.”
PostMay 14, 1925. Washington, D.C. “Western High School fencing team.”
anitugasParade of Turners at opening Berlin stadium. 1913 June 8.
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostApril 18, 1925. “Miss Louise Ireland & Miss Helen Marye.”
megaPastimes of Central Asians. Wrestling. 1865-1872.
fotosWashington, D.C., or vicinity. “Horse shows, miscellaneous, 1919. Unidentified jumpers.”
PostUS Olympic team 1912 on their way to Stockholm.
anitugasWashington, D.C., 1924. “Grade school track meet.”
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostAnother shot from the 1924 grade-school track meet in Washington.
megaAfrican American baseball team, Danbury, Connecticut. 1880.
fotosWashington, D.C. May 31, 1924. “High school track.”
Post1924. Washington Canoe Club rowers on the Potomac near the recently finished Key Bridge and older Aqueduct Bridge.
anitugasDecember 1912. “Auto polo,” somewhere in New York.
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapost1924. “Lewis, Maryland Agricultural College.” Gomer Lewis, University of Maryland lacrosse star.
megaNovember 3, 1923. High school football in Washington, D.C.: Eastern vs. Central.
fotosWashington, D.C. November 3, 1923. High school football: “Eastern v. Central.”
PostMel Sheppard. 1910-1915.
anitugasNovember 3, 1923. High school football in Washington, D.C.: Eastern vs. Central. -2-
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostAugust 25, 1923. Montgomery County, Maryland. “Auto races, Rockville Fair.”
megaJune 18, 1911. Poughkeepsie, New York. “Cornell Varsity rowers.”
fotosMay 25, 1911. Bob Burman and his “Blitzen Benz,” a month after setting a world speed record in the car.
Post1923. Swimmers at the Wardman Park Hotel pool in Washington.
anitugasSeptember 15, 1922. Washington, D.C. “Scooter skates.” On the right: Clarence Sherrill.
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostAugust 15, 1922. Washington, D.C. “Florence Skadding and Mark Coles.” At the Tidal Basin bathing pavilion.
megaYankee group, 1921.
fotosH. Danofsky, Class of 1921 at Gallaudet University, the Washington, D.C., school for the deaf.
PostRecreation (volley-ball). Pauls Valley Training School. April 1917.
anitugasApril 1910. “1 a.m. Pin boys working in Subway Bowling Alleys, 65 South Street, Brooklyn, N.Y., every night. Three smaller boys were kept out of the photo by Boss.”
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostWisconsin crew team in shell. June 29, 1909.
megaWashington, D.C., in 1913. “Baseball, professional. St. Louis players.”
fotosWashington, D.C., circa 1913. “Jacinto Calvo, ‘Germany’ Schaefer, Merito Acosta, Washington Nationals.”
PostNew York City circa 1908. “Sam Kramer.” Bodybuilder and wrestler.
anitugasEskimo sports.
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostOlympic Athletes Reception, crowd at City Hall, New York. 8/29/08.
megaPetersburg, Virginia (vicinity). Playing ball. Camp of 13th New Heavy Artillery. 1861-1869.
fotosLightweight boxing champ “Bat” Nelson in 1911
Post1912. “Football, Costello; Georgetown-Virginia game.”
anitugasWashington, 1912. “Football. Georgetown-Carlisle game; Glenn Warner.”
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostNew York, March 20, 1908. “Wiley C. Grant on his way to London to play in Olympic Games.”
mega1911. Washington, D.C. “Football. Georgetown University Game.”
fotosFebruary 12, 1908. “Scarfoglio and companions in Zust car, New York,” at the start of the New York to Paris automobile race of 1908.
PostFebruary 12, 1908. Montague Roberts in Times Square driving the Thomas Flyer at the start of the New York to Paris automobile race.
anitugasLelouvier and driver in the Werner car, February 1908, at the start of the New York to Paris automobile race. The course was from Times Square to the Eiffel Tower via Alaska and Siberia.
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapost1911: Washington Park – Los Angeles, California
megaPanoramic photo of Harvard – Dartmouth football game, Saturday, Nov. 14th, 1903.
fotosPanorama of ring & crowds. 1919.
PostMinnesota State Fair, September 9, 1911.
anitugasTwo sheets to the wind circa 1900. “Sailing on the beach. Ormond, Florida.
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostCirca 1897. “U.S.S. Oregon — the athletes.”
megaJuly 3, 1899, aboard the U.S.S. New York. “A 10-round bout, anniversary of Santiago.”
fotosHavana, Cuba, circa 1904. “Jai alai hall.” Parimutuel pelotas in a smoke-filled fronton.
PostGrand golf tournament by professional players–On Leith links 17th May 1867.
anitugasHorse racing – race track, Saratoga, July 1913.
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostWoman posed with shotgun for trapshooting. 1914.
megaFraulein Kussin and Mrs. Edwards boxing.
fotos1909: Bicycle riders – Walthour in 6-day Race
PostSwimming – Elaine Golding, Feb. 12, 1915.
anitugasChampion Australian girl swimming team. 1919 April 8.
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostLeon Georget. 1908, Dec. 2.
megaMrs. T. Cassebeer holding tennis racket on court.
fotosRecreation period, Pitcairn, Pa. 1919.
PostSam Luzofsky (one leg) and Lon Young (one arm) boxing. 1912.
anitugasRoller skating. 1905.
Fotos antiguas de deportes-megapostYoung man on roller skates that are pedaled. Nov. 8, 1910.
megaFemale students exercising, one with a wall-mounted device using ropes and pulleys, Western High School.
fotosFemale students exercising with bowling pins, Western High School.

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