Fondos de pantalla de los paisajes mas exoticos

En varios tamaños, trate de poner los que tienen mas definicion.... espero que les gusten ! solo toquen...BOTON DERECHO / ESTABLER COMO PAPEL TAPIZ

Fondos de pantalla de los paisajes mas exoticos



fondo pantalla

cambiar papel tapiz

pablo alejandro

Este esta colgado, pero no puede faltar jajaja

cambiar fondo tiempo

Bueno, espero que los aprovechen

tambien les dejo un programita, muy copado, que se encarga de ir cambiando los fondos cada un intervalo de tiempo (programable...)


Do you get bored of your background wallpaper? John's Background Switcher periodically changes the background image on your computer to ensure it's always looking fresh.

John's Background Switcher allows you to configure when you want to change the background (such as every hour or every day) and you can specify which pictures to use in a number of ways. For example, one way is to select a list of specific pictures on your computer. Alternatively, you can direct John's Background Switcher to point at a particular folder such as 'My Pictures' and it will select random pictures from there.

It doesn't stop there though. John's Background Switcher also allows you to use Flickr to choose pictures by person, tags, sets or just randomly. There are several options that allow you to customize the look of images, such as by narrowing down the pictures or increasing the quality of those chosen.

John's Background Switcher is a simple but effective way to choose different backgrounds from a huge range of sources.


Recent changes in John's Background Switcher:
Add the option to shuffle all photos in ‘Folders’ mode so you don’t see the same picture again until they’ve all been shown
Change the default ‘check monitor count all the time’ option to false and add it to the user interface
Add ‘never show again’ option to tray menu
Add the ability to set a custom background in snapshot scrapbook mode
Work around problem where Windows lies about monitor order
Add the option to use one of the snapshot scrapbook images for the background
Add Media RSS / RSS support
Add an option to automatically start, change the background and exit rather than hanging around all the time
Copy the link to the clipboard if shift is held down when selecting ‘View Current Image’
Add a ‘Soften Colours’ effect to the list of background effects available
Add the option to choose the snapshot scrapbook background effect (which is currently grayscale)
Add option to stop switching when running on a battery (i.e. not connected to a power outlet)
Set some useful photo set defaults w1hen installing JBS for the first time
Bug fixes

OS requirements for John's Background Switcher:
OS: Win98/98SE/Me/2000/XP/7

Download: http://downloads.johnsadventures.com/SwitcherSetup41.exe

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El programa sirve para windows 7???? :S :S :S pero si el Windows 7 trae la opcion para cambiar de fondo cada cierto rato, que estafa el programa ni siquiera sabian si el windows 7 iba a traer esta opcion, y ya dicen que es compatible xD!!