Solucion al problema de que no se inicia Kane and Lynch 2

Buenas a todos, despues de estar buscando 2 horas encontre esto en los foros oficiales de Kane and Lynch 2 lo qual me soluciono el error que hacia que no se iniciara el juego.


1-Ir a Panel de Control, Hardware y Sonido, Administrador de Dispositivos.

2-Clicar Controladoras de sonido y vídeo y dispositivos de juego.

3-clicar con el boton derecho la placa de sonido que no usen y clicar Deshabilitar.

4-Iniciar el juego y viciarse!!!

El problema es un bug que ya estaba en la demo y que continua estando en el juego completo que hace que al tener dos placas de sonido en le mismo ordenador el juego se bugue asi que mientras no saquen un parche esta es la solución, espero que les sirva como a mi y que lo compartan en todas las webs para qu la gente pueda jugar.

Ahora solo les dejo el mensaje original que encontre(en ingles):

”Purchased through Steam, game will not launch what so ever. Opens fullscreen window, crashes instantly.

MB: ASUS Crosshair IV Formula
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE (default clock: 3.4Ghz)
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 5970 2GB
RAM: OCZ Black Edition 1600Mhz CL8 4GB DDR3
HID: Microsoft Sidewinder + Sidewinder X4 (Optionally: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller)
HDD: Intel X25-M Gen.2 80GB SSD + Samsung SpinPoint F3 1TB HDD (Games are installed on HDD)

Latest drivers and BIOS rev. (but obviously my system specs are inferior to the superiority of this game) – it’s Kane & Lynch: Dead Men more or less all over again.. except at least that game did start and allowed me to play before randomly crashing at some point during a Chapter forcing me to re-play the same ordeals over and over and over and over and over. So far this feels like a epic rip-off and is to say the least extremely disappointing. One would have thought things like this would have improved since getting bashed about “poor coding/port” on the first title. Yes I am angered and yes I am being childish – but I paid to play this as although it was a royal pain in the behind to play K&L1 with all the crashes, I really did enjoy it when it worked.

PS: Where’s the patch that supposedly fixes alot of the issues with K&L1 that I read was coming sometime back in 2008? I can’t see traces of it anywhere what so ever.


UPDATE: In my case, the issue was sorted (and the game now plays flawlessly) by disabling any additional sound devices under Start > Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Sound. I had 3 other devices listed in the Playback tab, and disabled all but:

VIA High Definition Audio
Default Device

wich had a green tick next to it as it was my current device. This solved any crash at launch, and my game has been running flawlessly. Awesome game! At least one of the issues is in other words related to audio, possibly on-board audio solutions. Note: If you wonder where your devices go (in case you want to enable them for the future), right click on the blank spot of the window and it has the option to display Disabled devices.”

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gracias loco te deje 10 igual a mi no me funco jajaja pero buee ya algun dia lo voy hacer arrancar ya me canse de probar de todo
yo tengo sonido realtek hight definition, y me salia el famoso appcrash que no me dejaba iniciar el game, cuando deshabilitaba el sonido, obviamente corria el game pero sin sonido (una verga), actualice los drivers de la placa, y josha, el juego anda a full
man te dejo 5 puntin pero lo desabilite y funko el problema es que no me da sonido
es necesario tener el control de xbox o se puede jugar cnteclado ymouse??'