la biografia de benito juarez en ingeles

la biografia de benito juarez en ingeles

Early and elementary education
Benito Juárez García was born on March 21, 1806 entry of Spring in the town of San Pablo Guelatao, Oaxaca, a town located in the mountain now known as "La Sierra Juarez" and then under the jurisdiction of Santo Tomas Ixtlan. Baptized the day after his birth in the parish of Santo Tomas Ixtlan (Copy of Baptismal Faith of Benito Pablo Juarez Garcia, 22 March 1806, taken from the relevant book of the Parish of Santo Tomas Ixtlan.). Benito Juarez's parents, Marcelino Juárez and Brigida Garcia, was in his own words "Indians of the primitive race of the country" who were farmers. Both died when he was 3, her mother during the birth of her sister Mary Longinus. Benito with his sisters Maria Josefa and Rosa were under the protection of his paternal grandparents Pedro Juárez and Justa Lopez also Indians "Zapotec nation" and his much younger sister Mary Longinus with his maternal aunt Cecilia. A few years also killed his grandparents and two older sisters were married Benito finally leaving him in the custody of his uncle Bernardino Juarez. Thereafter he worked as a laborer in the field and as a shepherd until the age of 12 years. His uncle knew the Castilian Bernardino and showed it to Bob that showed enthusiasm in learning but the field work and the fact that the people do not speak the Castilian Benito did not allow to advance far in their learning. In his village, as in small towns, there was even the most elementary school. Benito realized that learning to read who did travel to the city is paying for a pension or working as servants in rich houses which fueled his desire to go to the city, which often asked his uncle that only was long. On December 17, 1818 Benito escapes from his people after much weighing between feelings and their desire to educate themselves bound for the city of Oaxaca. This leak could motivate after losing a couple of sheep [citation needed ]. Until now the only language of the Zapotec Juarez was being basic knowledge of Castilian.

Upon reaching the city at night the same day lodge Benito asked his sister Josefa who worked as a cook for a wealthy family of a foreign merchant named Antonio Maza. With the approval of Mr. Maza, Benito began caring for the farm taking assigned a salary of two dimes. The adopted daughter of Mr. Maza, Margarita Maza, many years later became the wife of Benito.

Within days the priest Benito met the Third Order Franciscan Antonio Salanueva who admitted as an apprentice bookbinder. In the words of Benedict: "Although very dedicated to the devotion and religious practices was quite carefree and friend of the education of youth." On January 7, 1819, having only 21 days of arriving in the City Benito Salanueva receives at home and workshop also offered to send to school. Changed once after school because they felt no progress in their learning begins in "Real School" under the preceptor of José Domingo González, who gave him a strong rebuke to consider his poor handwriting, a question which deeply offended the young Benito. Benito also suffered along with other children on their indigenous status and poor discrimination, and that while the teacher taught the children called "decent" to their condition were instructed the aide. Therefore Benito leave the school they felt was a bad method of teaching and decides to learn on their own.
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