Patch para pedaleras Zoom 505, G1 y G2

Patchs para Zoom 505 !

Patchs para Zoom G1 ! (post de un taringuero)

Patchs para Zoom G2 !

Esto es lo que es cada cosa... Les dejo un ejemplo para que se guien... despues miren bien los otros...

Comp: OFF
Dist: Od
Gain: 4
EQ: 25
Mod: C7
Dly/Rev: r5
Level: 24


1. Zoom Special

C3 dt 5 1 10 C9 d7 29

it's out there

2. 10 Million Fingers

C9 dt 30 3 30 OFF d9 30

Your ears get confused from its shit.

3. 100% clean sound (505 style)


This is great and a cool patch.

4. 12-String Effect

C4 OFF -- 7 24 P6 H4 24
Great for Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here".

5. 12-String Simulator

L1 Ac 30 OFF 30 C4 d9 30
Close enough that you may decide against shelling out the bucks for a real 12-String. Also much easier to play than reg. 12'er. ENJOY!

6. 2x Fast for Tap and Great Sustain

C6 dt 30 9 50 OFF d7 30
This patch is great for tap guitar. It makes it sound like you're playing twice as fast. It's good for non-tap solos as well. You can let one note ring forever. You can up the compressor and delay if you want as well.

7. 311 octaved riffs

C1 Ld 25 5 OFF P1 OFF 25
Great for those 311 riffs that are octaved like songs on the Grassroots album.

8. 4x12x12 Cabinet

L9 Ld 30 A1 3 d9 d1 30
Sounds Like an extremly large cab, great for chording!!

9. 70s Funk

A9 Ac 30 8 20 P7 H1 30
Good ol' 70's wah funk.

10. 70's Rock - Led Zeppelin

C1 bL 15 2 20 OFF H1 25
As about as similar to Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page as one can get with this gadget. A nice warm tone, with a mild blues distortion. Adjust the gain +5 or -5 depending on the song. For best results do not use bridge pickup by itself.

11. 80s Distortion

L6 Mt 30 6 OFF C5 OFF 17
Sounds like the great Glam Rock distortion from the 80s.

12. 80's Lerxt

C9 Ld 20 9 34 C5 d4 27
Spacey distortion w/ chorus and delay, like what Alex Lifeson used from Grace Under Pressure, Power Windows and Hold Your Fire.

13. 80's Pop Solo

OFF Fu 25 9 P9 C5 d7 22
Ideal for those long vibrato notes. Those who remember the likes of Duran Duran and Pseudo Echo will like this synthesized sound.

14. 80's Pop Solo - Revisited

P6 Fu 25 9 OFF C4 H6 28
80's Duran Duran type guitar solo patch, tweaked.

15. 80's Porno Synth

A3 OFF -- A9 25 C2 d3 29
Wah/synth sound, really good for funk. Oddly enough, sound pretty good with an acoustic/electric.

16. AC/DC

OFF dt 24 A7 OFF OFF OFF 25
This is a great all-around distortion. Playing the middle-bridge gap position is a close AC/DC and old style rock (rockabilly, etc.) Also good for Drop-D tuning.

17. AC/DC - Angus Young Early

Good sound from Angus's early years.

18. Accept Sound

C4 Od 24 A4 24 OFF r3 25
Awesome accept sound for "Balls to the Wall". This one rules!

19. Acoustic Delay

C3 Ac 27 A5 5 C3 d4 25
Good for relaxed strumming.

20. Acoustic Octaviser

L4 Ac 28 6 26 P1 H6 26

21. Acoustic Phase

L5 Ac 28 A8 P1 C3 H2 28
Bright acoustic sound with slow, almost dreamy phase.

22. Acoustic Simulator

C2 Ac 29 A5 45 C2 H3 29
Great for rhythms in acoustic style.

23. All Sprung Out

P1 Od 25 9 P9 C5 d7 20
B--oing B--oing

24. Alternative Rock Sound

L1 Ld 30 7 24 OFF OFF 20
Like the factory preset, but with sounds tighter with more Gain.

25. AN4A

L2 Ld 30 A5 P9 d1 r9 30
Dark Sound

26. And Justice For All

C4 Mt 30 9 30 OFF H3 30
I guess it's the sound for And Justice For All album.

27. Asskicking Squeel

P9 bL 27 2 P1 F9 H9 27
This is a mad combo of every effect that causes a kind of squeel.

28. Australian Juice Box

C9 Ld 13 9 22 F5 H3 22
This is my favorite effect I've come up with. It sounds kind of creepy.

29. Authentic Rockman Sound

C7 Od 26 7 20 C3 H6 24
A pretty good Rockman sound. Use the neck pickup with the tone control all the way down.

30. Awakening

L6 OFF -- 6 40 C5 d7 25
Really nice clean tone with delay.

31. Bad Trip

A9 dt 28 A7 P5 F8 d8 20
A million different effects at once, not really good for much but sounds cool as hell.

32. BASS Simulator

L9 OFF -- 4 P3 S2 d3 20
Deep Sound

33. Balls-Ass Distortion

C5 Od 6 7 6 C8 d3 24
This patch will rock the house!

34. Bass for Your Guitar

OFF Ac 1 A5 1 OFF OFF 30
This makes most guitars sound like a bass. Turn bass all the way up on your amp and turn high to 0. Don't turn it to high for your amp's sake. Use your guitar's neck pickup.

35. Bassy

L9 Fu 9 3 P9 P1 OFF 30
Adds low notes to the sound. Good to use for just bass solos.

36. Before this

C4 bL 13 8 OFF d2 H5 25
Kind of like V.H. Brown sound.

37. Big Bass

C9 Ac 8 1 1 P1 d1 25
Need a bass for your band but don't have one? Try this and watch the windows rattle!

38. Big Muff Wannabe

C1 Ld 25 A7 41 OFF H4 28
I did my best to emulate a Big Muff. It sounds nice, not much noise. Kinda smooth, bassy, and fuzzy. It can do most Smashing Pumpkins songs.

39. Billy's Guitar

L2 Ry 25 9 19 C2 H3 22
Billy Idol sound alike. Great for rhythm.

40. Black Death

C3 Mt 30 9 1 OFF r2 25
Turn the bass down or your amp will explode! Scoop them mids! Pump the treble up to 7 or 8.

41. Black Sabbath

Good Black Sabbath sound.

42. Black Sabbath

L5 Ld 22 OFF 34 OFF OFF 25
Sounds like most of the "Dehumanizer" CD.

43. Blink-182

L1 Ld 30 7 24 OFF OFF 30
The real distortion for Blink-182.

44. Blue Monday

1 L9 Fu 20 A9 19 d3 H2 26
This one's good for Orgy's "Blue Monday" chorus.

45. Blue Monday 2 - Distortion

C9 Fu 30 OFF 50 OFF OFF 30
A great patch for the song "Blue Monday" by Orgy.

46. Blues

L4 Ry 25 OFF 13 C2 r2 28
Pretty cool for ZZTop stuff like 'Tush'.

47. Blues Fuzz

C9 Fu 17 8 19 OFF H5 17
Awesome crunch sound for chord backings.

48. BNL's Apartment

L9 Od 9 OFF 45 OFF OFF 30
This is a fairly good patch for the song "The Old Apartment" by BNL.

49. Borg Sex

A9 Mt 30 9 OFF C2 d6 25
Really fuzzed wah. As used on Joe Satriani's new album, "Engines of Creation" and the song, "Borg sex". It's pretty close. Expression pedal set on p4 if needed.

50. Boston or Rockman Sound

C7 Ld 30 7 31 C1 H4 24
Gives you that Rockman sound.

51. Boy's Acoustic

OFF Ac 23 8 OFF OFF H4 27
This is my acoustic sim. It sounds really good for any quite part of a song that either follows or comes before distrotion. Works well w/ my Creed Distortion.

52. Braze (Weep) Intro

OFF Ry 12 OFF 33 F2 H3 30
Intro from Skunk Anansie's 'Brazen (weep)'.

53. Brazilian Lulu Santos Stratocaster Patch

OFF OFF -- OFF 30 C3 r3 28
Chorus bright, 70's rock.

54. Brazilian Sound

OFF dt 30 9 20 P7 r5 26
This patch will make some changes in your playing.

55. Break Your Ears Distortion

L9 dt 30 A1 33 C9 r9 30
If you want to really break the ears of your family or friends check this out!

56. Breathin Psychedelic Trippy

C5 OFF -- 9 P6 P3 d5 24
Crazy, lofty sort of sound. Best for single picked notes or a bar on all 6 strings at the same fret.

57. Brian May (of Queen)

C3 Od 14 3 40 C1 OFF 26
Tuned to settings as described by Brian on his 1987 instructional video=treble, phase, chorus and tube amp. Go 505! Pretty close for a multi-FX box!

58. Brian Setzer

C7 Ry 25 OFF 10 d5 r7 28
Great for Stray Cats and Brian Setzer leads.

59. Bright Acoustic

OFF Ac 20 9 OFF P7 OFF 30
What do you think.

60. Bright Metal

OFF Mt 30 A9 25 C3 H4 25
I love this distortion. It's loud and good for lead and rhythm. The hall reverb is optional.

61. Bubbling Pits of Hell

A9 Fu 25 OFF P5 P1 d6 16
A complex overload of wah, fuzzy phasing, and delay effects with a devilishly low octave tone thrown in. It sounds like raw evil with minor key single-note solos or bass patterns.

62. Buda Power

L1 Od 10 4 10 C2 d4 20
Super Dist.

63. Bull on Parade

P8 dt 19 9 OFF C2 H1 27
Works perfectly for wah part of Rage Against The Machine's "Bulls on Parade".

64. Bullet the Blue Sky

OFF Ld 24 OFF P1 S8 d8 25
I made this up for the Popmart-version of "Bullet the Blue Sky", and for the outro on "Discoteque" (live). I think it's quite good. It's a mix of wah, phaser, EQ, etc. Use it for the solo and the basics on "Bullet the Blue Sky"...and at the end of "Discoteque" when the "Boom-cha" bit starts…

65. Busted amp

L9 bL 7 A1 8 OFF OFF 26
Real dirty sound kind of like playing through an ancient amplifier with bad wiring.

66. Cancion animal

L9 Ry 20 9 22 P7 H7 25
Like a caged animal".

67. Candlebox Chorus

OFF OFF -- OFF 43 C5 r6 30
Sweet Chorus

68. Captain Crunch

C7 Mt 25 9 22 C4 H3 25
Real nice heavy metal distortion sustain.

69. Carbur Distortion

C2 dt 26 9 35 F5 H6 30
Distortion with flanger.

70. Caribbean Steel Drums

A3 OFF -- 2 9 P6 d3 25
'Nuff said.

71. Carlos Santana

C1 bL 23 2 20 OFF H1 24
This is a realistic patch of Carlos Santana's solo sound. I recomend that you use the reverb on your amp instead of the Zoom if you require it.

72. Chainsaw Distortion

C8 dt 30 9 42 OFF H3 24
Sharp and cutting lead sound. Pretty similar to the intro of "Sorrow" by Pink Floyd.

73. Chaotic Distortion

C4 bL 30 8 50 OFF r2 28
Using this setting you can easily get artificial and natural harmonics.

74. Chick 'en Pick

L7 Ac 30 A5 42 C6 H3 28
Needed a Tele country sound for fast double stops and chicken picken. Try on rear single coil and boost the mids a smidge. Happy picken!

75. Chorus

C3 Ry 1 1 OFF C3 H2 27
Nice chorus but if you increase the DLY/REV to H5 sounds great for Crowded House intro 'Don't Dream it's Over'

76. Chunky

C6 Ac 11 A5 4 F3 H1 29
- No Description -

77. Church Organ

C8 Od 3 A1 24 P9 H6 17
Cool church organ sound.

78. Circles Intro

L2 Ac 25 A9 23 C4 d8 30
Sounds close to Satriani's Circles intro.

79. Circus Organ/Harpsichord

P9 Ac 25 A9 12 P9 d3 25
Try playing minor key polka and imagine a crusty circus side-show sounds especially good recorded and played backwards!

80. Clean with Flanger

C3 Ry 1 A4 40 F4 H9 26
Very good for Guns 'N Roses - "Don't Cry" and other similar songs.

81. Clean1

A3 OFF -- A9 30 C3 OFF 25
For a bright clean tune...pretty heavy when used with a separate distortion preferably a metal distortion...still experimental...my first user defined patch.

82. Cliffs of Dover

1 C1 Od 26 9 21 C1 d8 25
Orgasm from the first singing note.

83. Cliffs of Dover

2 C2 Od 30 9 23 C2 d8 20
This sounds just like Eric Johnson's Cliffs of Dover tone. Use your neck pickup.

84. Cold Acoustic

C9 Ac 30 7 40 C4 H9 28
Sound that lets your ears ring....just check it out!

85. Cool

A7 Ld 23 A3 P4 F6 d7 20
- No Description -

86. Cool Argentine Stile

OFF Od 4 3 25 C7 r5 24
A lot of argentines bands uses this cool effect.

87. Cool Chorus

C9 OFF -- A5 42 C3 H3 26
This is a bright sounding Chorus effect good for just about anything.

88. Cool Crybaby Wah-Wah

P6 Ry 10 9 OFF C2 H1 25
Great if you've got the Zoom 505 expression pedal. Use neck pickup and a big powerful amp. If you don't have the expression pedal, get one they rock!

89. Cool Distortion

C9 Ld 23 A9 50 C2 r9 25
I use this in most of my songs. It fits in any kind of rock songs.

90. Cool Lead

L2 Ld 30 A9 11 d2 H3 25
Sounds cool for lead.

91. Cool Lead

2 OFF dt 30 OFF 15 C3 H1 27
The best combination I could figure out for a lead/solo guitar. It's got an awesome tone and the chorus adds a cool effect to the solo! Use with "Crunch Distortion".

92. Cool Solo

L5 dt 28 6 42 P5 H4 24
- No Description -

93. Great Lead

C5 Mt 30 8 27 OFF OFF 30
Dampened metal sound. Nice highs. Good lead sounds.

94. Crate Ur Marshall

L5 dt 30 9 40 Pu OFF 29
This is it - for anyone who wants to sound like the Crate ur Marshall. I worked on it for a while enjoy.

95. Crazy Stuff

A9 Fu 30 9 23 P9 H9 25
Crazy stuff, can't explain.

96. Crazy Wah

A9 Ac 10 1 P6 C6 d2 30
A very cool wah...with acoustic sound.

97. Creator

L1 Mt 30 A3 10 F3 H5 30
No description.

98. Creed

C3 Mt 28 A9 44 C2 r2 20
This is THE patch to get the authentic Creed sound. You can always tweak it if you want, but I think it rocks!

99. Crunch

L9 bL 7 A1 8 OFF OFF 26
Really dirty tone, kind of like playing through a busted-ass old amplifier.

100. Crunch Distortion

OFF dt 20 OFF 15 C1 H1 25
Good patch for a rhythm/backup/non-lead guitar. It's got an awesome crunch to it and the tone is the best I could find!

101. Crusty Record

C1 Ry 12 3 12 OFF r2 25
It's the type of distorion that sounds like a crusty record. Great for playing songs like Bush's "Greedy Fly".

102. Crystal Clean

OFF Ac 28 OFF 28 P6 H1 30
Wish a had a good way to describe this. Just a really bright clean beautiful tone. Better with the neck pickup.

103. Daaaaark

C9 Od 19 1 1 d1 OFF 25
Guitar vol. to the max, amp: bass almost max, middle ~1 and high 75%. WARNING! This kix ass!

104. Dan Is So

8 C8 Od 30 8 8 C8 d8 18
Sounds like dying tortured monkeys screaming for mercy...with a nice cool melodic touch.

105. DAny´s

A7 Ld 15 A8 50 F9 d9 30
There is crazy and power full you can kill your ears with this sound

106. Day Nine Demo Clean Chorus Sound

C3 OFF -- 9 25 C4 OFF 25
This is the clean Chorus It is a great clean sound, and sparkles with the best of choruses.

107. Day Nine Demo Distortion

C3 dt 24 A9 25 OFF OFF 25
This is the patch that my band Day

108. Death Blaster 5000

OFF Mt 30 9 23 OFF H1 29
This will give you blasting death metal to make your ear drums bleed. Uses none of that stupid chorus.

109. Death Metal

OFF Mt 24 9 42 OFF OFF 25
Its a hard metal sound great with anything.

110. Death Metal

C1 dt 30 OFF 50 Pd OFF 30
Set your amp high 7 mid 1 and low 10 if you use this setting you can sound like Napalm Death or Sepultra.

111. Death Metal

C5 dt 30 A1 50 OFF H1 29
Very heavy, great for Cannibal Corpse. Full sounding and great to play. Sounds great on Dropped D tuning.

112. Death Metal Distortion

C7 dt 30 6 50 OFF H2 27
WARNING!!! This distortion may be a little bit powerful for some amps!

113. Death Metal Distortion

A3 dt 30 A5 23 C4 d4 30
Good for heavy tunes.

114. Death Metal Flange

OFF Mt 30 OFF 40 F1 d5 25
This patch sounds like slipknot mix with Korn.

115. Death Zone

L9 dt 30 8 50 OFF H2 30
It's for death metal.

116. Def Leppard

L6 OFF -- 6 40 C5 d7 30
Def Leppard sound as heard in the song, "Hysteria".

117. Def Lep's Hysteria

C1 bL 19 OFF 20 C2 H2 22
I use this patch for the lead part of Def Lep's song "Gods of War". I use a Marshall JCM-900 amp, so ... set your EQ accordingly!

118. Deftones

OFF Ld 30 9 OFF P7 r5 26
Very similar to Deftone's "My Own Summer".

119. Deftones Power

OFF dt 30 5 41 OFF r2 28
I use this with Deftones songs and my own songs. It sounds very good. Set bass 8 in your amp.

120. Delayed Full Metal Chorus

C9 Mt 30 OFF 39 C4 d6 30
Good for solo playing and also power chords. Make sure you play at huge volume - you know to get that bowel movement endusing sound.

121. Demented Steel Drum Band

A9 Od 24 A2 P9 P9 d8 20
Carnival gone bezerko. If you vary your attack on one note, especially a low one, you can get a wide range of harmonics to play their own melody.

122. Desert Rock

C8 Od 2 A3 OFF C1 H4 25
This is a Calexico's sound It sounds good with Fender Strat and Marshall Amp If u have 505II in Modulation choose t2

123. Digital Bath

L9 OFF -- 9 P3 S9 d6 30
Dip your hands into this watery, digital patch. Sounds like the last few riffs from "Digital Bath" by the Deftones.

124. Dimebag Darrell Guitar Sound

C2 Mt 26 A4 42 OFF H1 24
This patch will give you dime's heavy, scooped-mid sound, and really ultimate low-end.

125. Dirty Bass

C9 Fu 1 A9 50 P1 H9 29
Nine Inch Nails "Head Like a Hole" bass.

126. Dirty Blues

This is a clean, dirty blues sound, kinda johnny langish, great for songs like "Right Back".

127. Distortapoo

L4 Mt 30 A8 9 d1 H3 30
Loud noise.

128. Disturbing the Neighbor's hood

L1 Mt 30 9 17 P7 r7 30
Escales with red bull.

129. lay low patch

P9 Mt 30 A9 P9 Pu r9 30
Crunchy distortion sound.

130. Dogs Bollocks

C8 dt 8 A5 P2 F1 H4 26
A nice distortion with phaser and flanger. The flanger and phaser give a nice "whoosh" type sound to the distortion. Also adds a little flare when playing lead. This effect is not good for rhythm.

131. Drown

L9 Fu 20 OFF 40 C3 d4 30
- No Description -

132. DSs Solo Patch

OFF bL 20 9 OFF OFF d7 20
For powerful solos.

133. Dual Rectifier

L2 Mt 23 OFF 15 OFF OFF 30
I use a Mesa Boogie and I tried to recreate the sound I think I got pretty close. Very Deftones-like...

134. Duane Eddy Twang

C1 bL 9 A2 P9 OFF d4 26
A full, resonant twang that sounds best with the bass strings and bridge pickup.

135. Easy Blues

OFF bL 6 A2 13 OFF H1 26

136. Eddie Van Halen

C4 dt 30 4 16 C2 H2 30
Try setting your amp Low and Mid at 2, and High at 1.

137. Eddie Van Halen Distortion

C2 dt 30 4 16 C2 d4 25
Sounds cool on "Ain't Talkin' About Love"!

138. Eddie Van Halen Flanger

L1 dt 30 4 16 F7 d4 25
Perfect for "Unchained"!

139. Eddie Van Hallen: Suck My Wad

C9 Mt 30 OFF 44 OFF d3 29
This one's a big middle finger "respectable" musicians. Plug your ears.

140. Electric Jello

L7 OFF -- 1 P6 C5 d2 23
Deep sound with slight delay. Good for spacey leads.

141. Elivacisn

L4 Ld 20 8 16 C3 d8 23
This is a rock/blues patch for soloing.

142. Eric Johnson

L2 Od 25 9 38 C1 d8 25
Used for Cliffs of Dover. Playing a Carvin AE185 using the bridge Holdsworth model humbuckers. Patch is for the Zoom 505II. Not listed - Contour: 6 and Time: 10

143. Eric Johnson Type Distortion Delay

L2 Od 20 9 50 C2 d8 26
Not an agressive distorted patch, but a slight distortion to play songs like "Cliffs of Dover".

144. Evil

C4 Fu 30 7 19 F3 r2 21
Evil, and can make yourself satan himself.

145. Evil 666

OFF Fu 30 7 23 OFF OFF 28
Hard evil crunch tone, turn the bass up and start shredding.

146. Extra Heavy

C9 dt 30 A6 44 d9 d4 30
A very heavy sound with good sustain, great for bass guitars and metal solos.

147. Extra Heavy

C9 dt 30 A6 44 d9 d4 30
A very heavy sound with good sustain, great for bass guitars and metal solos.

148. F*ck it all

P7 bL 27 A6 25 F9 r8 20
weird !!

149. Fade to Black

P4 Mt 30 A7 50 OFF H2 30
This is the "Fade to Black" intro. Sounds good for just about any solo. Has sort of a wah scream.

150. Faith Hope Love

C9 bL 30 A9 29 OFF H4 25
Kinda bluesy distortion/overdrive that works very well for early King's X stuff. Best with single-coils.

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emmm... para cual zoom es? para el 505? yo tengo el 707... no tenes de ese?
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