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Todo lo necesario para GPS en una sola página (En INGLÉS)

Todo lo necesario para GPS en una sola página (En INGLÉS)

* Todo para GPS en una sola página: programas, versiones anteriores, reviews de equipos, etc.
* Contiene información muy útil, tanto para el novato -primera vez que se interesa por un GPS- hasta para los usuarios mas avanzados que buscan rewiews de equipos, programas de Garmin que ya no están disponibles en la página oficial, etc. etc.

Es mi primer post, no la ví publicada en ningún post anterior y me pareció muy completa, tanto que la tengo en mis favoritos y quise compartirla con Uds.

Espero les sea útil.

A continuación copio el índice de la página y sus contenidos:


Which GPS should I buy?
My First GPS for Hiking: What features does it need? (updated frequently)
My First GPS for Automobile Navigation -What features does it need?
Central America Trip with Garmin and Magellan World Maps (28 APR 05)
Car Navigator Day and Night Readability: Night and Day Photos (2meg file)
Eastern Continental Divide and its Relation to the Battle of Atlanta (MAR 07)
Feature Matrix of Garmin, Lowrance, and Magellan units we have Reviewed
GeoCaching and GeoGraphing: New Hobbies for GPS owners (Links)
G7ToWin -Edit Your GPS Data -Display on MapSource, SA, and CE Devices
GPS Trackmaker-When you are ready to make your own GPS maps
Garmin ASTRO DOG TRACKER works very well. by Allory (2 MAR 08)
Garmin COLORADO handheld has new features, dual maps,Penrod (18 FEB 08)
Garmin ForeRunner 201 Personal Trainer system by Sam Penrod (12 OCT 04)
Garmin ForeRunner 205 Personal Trainer System by Sam Penrod (27 SEP 06)
Garmin ForeRunner 305 Personal Trainer System by Jess Grogan(25 OCT 06)
Garmin GPS18 GPS Rcvr, for Laptops, has CitySelect maps: by Penrod
Garmin GPSmap 60C(S)(x) -Car Navigator, Hiking, GPS does all (MAY 06)
Garmin GPSmap 76C(S)(x) -With the new SiRF-III and microSD card (JUL 06)
Garmin GPS-276C ChartPlotter/Car Navigator does both well by Wilson (04)
Garmin GPS-376C ChartPlotter/Car Navigator with Weather Rpt-by Harmon
Garmin GTM-10 Data Radio *RDS* gives real time traffic info to GPS by Joe
Garmin GA25MCX -The Latest Entry in Low-cost GPS Antennas -by Allory
Garmin iQue M5-Pocket PC Based GPS plus PDA system -by Dale (JUL 05)
Garmin MapSource Map Viewer -Review all of Garmin's Available Maps (Link)
Garmin Modernize your GPS Interface -Add Bluetooth or USB (FEB 05)
Garmin nRoute allows GPS Navigation on Laptop - by Sam Penrod (OCT 05)
Garmin nuvi 350 Pocket Size Car Navigator/Talking Book/MP3 (DEC 05)
Garmin nuvi 360 Car Navigator/Bluetooth/Talking Book/MP3 by Sam (AUG 06)
Garmin nuvi 660/680 Car Navigator-Bluetooth-FM/MSN, 4.3" Diagonal (JAN 08)
Garmin nuvi 760/780 as Compared to the nuvi 660/680 -Features Added (MAR 08)
Garmin OREGON handheld touchscreen navigator by Sam Penrod (14 SEP 08)
Garmin POI Loader -Load Custom POIs/proximity waypoints by Penrod (JAN 06)
Garmin Quest -Novel Mini Car Navigator with Rechargeable Battery (OCT 04)
Garmin SP-i3 -Simplified, Miniature Car Navigator & Voice-by Tony Mactutis
Garmin StreetPilot c320/30/40, Simplified Touchscreen Navigator (MAR 06)
Garmin StreetPilot c550 -FM Radio Traffic, Hands-free Phone, Automotive GPS
Garmin StreetPilot c580 -MSN Direct/BlueTooth/Car Navigator-Penrod (JUN 07)
Garmin StreetPilot 2610/20/50, Touchscreen Automatic Routing+Voice (OCT 04)
Garmin StreetPilot 2720, TouchScreen AutoRouting, Traffic Radio (SEP 05)
Garmin StreetPilot 2820, XMradio/traffic&BlueTooth, Nice Unit by Penrod (06)
Garmin StreetPilot 7200/7500-Large Screen, XM Radio Traffic &Weather Maps
Garmin Third Party Map Program Paying Off for 15 new countries so far (Lnk)
Garmin Vista/Legend Color -Compares the New Vista HCx to the Vista C (OCT 07)
Garmin Vista HCx-New More Sensitive Rx, Full Featured, Nice-Penrod (OCT 07)
Garmin zumo 550 -Designed for the Motor Bike, Bluetooth Audio (JUN 07)
GPS Users give their comments on their favorite new GPS receiver (Various)
Lowrance Expedition c(+) -Compass, Barometer, MP3, Many Features (JUN 06)
Lowrance iWay 350c -TouchScreen, PreLoaded Maps, with MP3 Music (JUN 06)
Lowrance iWay 500c -A Large-screen, Automotive GPS, MP3 Music (OCT 05)
Magellan DirectRoute, Automatic Routing Maps -Product Review (MAR 07)
Magellan eXplorist 210/500/600/XL -With Geocaching Program (3 MAR 07)
Magellan eXplorist 500LE - with MapSend Topo Maps by Leviton (4 FEB 07)
Magellan MapSend Map Viewer -Requires IE to Enlarge Map Area Rectangles
Magellan Meridian Color GPS Traveler Value Pack -by SeaJay Bayne
Magellan RoadMate 300 Car Navigator Review by Larry Leviton (26 AUG 05)
Magellan RoadMate 360 Car Navigator, Preloaded Maps, by Penrod (DEC 05)
Magellan RoadMate 500 and 700 -Touchscreen Automatic Routers (JAN 04)
Magellan RoadMate 760-Auto Car Navigatorwith "SayWhere" by Mactutis (JAN 06)
Magellan RoadMate 800 -MP3 player and Picture viewer (Feb 06) -by Dale
Magellan RoadMate 2000 -TouchScreen, Works Well - by Grogan (DEC 06)
Magellan RoadMate 2200T-TouchScreen/Traffic Data- by Rahn (JAN 07)
Magellan RoadMate 3050-TouchScreen, Traffic Info, by Sam Penrod (JAN 07)
Magellan State Plane Coordinates -Displays all of US, Instructions (MAY 03)
Magellan Topo 3D USA Map -A Hiker's Must-Have Program (MAR 07)
Maptech U.S. Boating Charts -Arguably the most marine charts for the money
Mexico Maps -Garmin 2008 and BiciMapas 2008 Maps are Much Improved (JUL 08)
Navimatics -Detailed Marine Charts Comparable to Garmin BlueCharts (JUL 08)
Navman GPS ICN630 -Portable GPS Navigation for Vehicle Use (OCT 03)
Navman GPS ICN750 -Capable Car Navigator by Bruce Rahn (MAR 07)
Navman N60i-Car Navigator, Camera, Works very well. by Rahn (MAR 07)
Navman Sport Tool R300 Training Aid by Allory Deiss (5 AUG 05)
Mobile Re-Radiating Antenna aids GPS reception by Dale DePriest (8 MAR 03)
TomTom GO TouchScreen Car Navigator Good Performance -by D. DePriest
TomTom Navigator 2 - by Dale DePriest (SEP 03)
USAPhotoMaps -Download Aerial Photo/Topo Images at Selected Waypoints

Hardware and Software Reviews
OLDER GPS Product Reviews for Discontinued, Obsolete, Obsolescent GPSRs
An Early GPS Review -The First Published on these Pages (JAN 1997)
Baja Expeditioner GPS maps of Baja Calififornia vs. WorldMap (NOV 05)
Colorado and Washington 24K Topographic Maps for Garmin GPS -Review (08)
Cruise on the Sea of Cortés and Rail Excursion to Mexico's Copper Canyon (02)
Delorme StreetAtlas 2003 and the USB Earthmate GPS by C. Carvey (NOV 03
Garmin BlueCharts with Comparisons to Other Nautical Charts (15 JAN 02)
Garmin geko 101 -A 'Minimalist' Small Entry-Level GPS Receiver (1 APR 03)
Garmin geko 201 -An 'Advanced' Small Entry-Level GPS Receiver (12 APR 08)
Garmin GPSmap76/76S(Compass/Baro) Full Featured Receiver (APR 04)
Garmin GPS-V offers Automatic routing in a small handheld (21 SEP 01)
Garmin iQue 3600-Palm OS5 Based GPS plus PDA system -by Dale (OCT 03)
Garmin Legend/Vista, feature rich, big map memory (JUL 02)
Garmin MapSource Maps & GPS Units in Alaska and Canada Cruise (OCT 00)
Garmin MapSource MetroGuide Europe reviewed by Anders Persson (Link)
Garmin MetroGuide USA-4.0 as compared to CityNavigator/CitySelect (JAN 02)
Garmin's RINO combo GPS and RADIO broadcasts your location (NOV 02)
Garmin StreetPilot III ColorMap: has Automatic Routing and Voice (MAR 01)
Garmin Topo U.S. 2008 -Compared to Other Topo Maps (JUL 07)
Garmin USA Topo 24K Redwoods Nat. Parks Topo Maps -by Murray (AUG 06)
Garmin USA Topo CDs, A Short Review and Examples (4 NOV 04)
Garmin WorldMap v.4 Compared v. 3 and Magellan's WorldWide Map (FEB 07)
GPS Car Navigators: How good are the maps? What are limitations? (JAN 04)
GPS Rcvr Accuracy under tree cover for Garmin and Magellan units (Link)
Handheld Computer+GPS Combination Power/Data cable powers both-Dale)
Handheld Computers and PDAs convert into GPS Receivers -Dale
Holux GM100 Mapping GPS Receiver, Available in Spain (APR 01)
Infiniti QX4 Navigation System manufactured by Xanav by Phil Sherrod
iPaq GPS using NavMan Sleeve and Maptech Topo maps by Dale (26 SEP 02)
Lexus and BMW (year 2000) Auto Navigation System comments by Bob Aluska
Lowrance iFinder GPS has 9999 trackpoints capability (MAY 02)
Magellan Meridian Gold-GPS Mapping full featured at good price (5 DEC 02)
Magellan Meridian now offers User-Selectable basemaps and 512meg Mem
Magellan Platinum Mapping Receiver-Compass and Altimeter Review (DEC 02)
Magellan SporTrak Color -Bright Screen and 3-Axis Compass (9 OCT 03)
Magellan SporTrak Pro -A remarkably accurate small receiver (JAN 03)
Magellan Topo USA Map -Can Display Topo, Profile, and Street Data (AUG 01)
MapConnection's eTopo offers Canadian Topo maps-by Lloyd Bowles (JUN 02)
Maptech Iraq SD Card -Very Detailed Street-level Maps for Palm Devices
Maptech Terrain Navigator 3-D maps versus Delorme Topo USA 3.0 (01)
Maptech Offshore Navigator Examples and Comparison to Ozi Explorer (01)
Maps uploadable to GPS:Where can I get third party maps for my GPS?
Maps: How can I scan my own maps and upload them into my GPS? (DEC 01)
Mexico Maps -A Summary of the Available GPS and DRG Topo Maps of Mexico
MountainScope uses Flight Data and 3D Topo Maps to show Hazards to Flight
Navman GPS Sleeve iPaq- Review including mapping software by Dale (02)
NavMan iPaq GPS-Smart Professional SW with Navman GPS by Dale (02)
Motorcycle Mount for Garmin 2610 and 2650 Car Navigator by Michael Moore
Pioneer NAV-SYS900DVD-large screen/good nav features-by Mohabir (02)
Rayming BLUETOOTH GPS receiver Reviewed by Crile Carvey (APR 04)
Route 66:European GPS Mapping Program has Automatic Route Generation
StreetFinder Deluxe (Rand McNally) 2000 -Software Review by Dale
Titan III remote amplified antenna works with most any GPS (JUL 04)
Tree Cover and GPS-Do I need an amplified external antenna? (Link)
VDO Dayton MS5000: Automatic address Car Navigation has good display
World Maps -We Compared Magellan and Garmin, You Decide (10 MAY 03)
Garmin Oregon Handheld Navigator
Garmin nüvi 660/680 Medium Car Navigator with 4.3" Diagonal Screen
Navman N60i-Car Navigator, 4.3" Diag.
Touchscreen with Camera
Magellan RoadMate 2000 Car Navigator with Touch Screen
Dale's GPS Manual
nuvi 760/780 Adds Tracklog
Garmin Colorado Handheld Navigator

FAQs Hardware
Battery-drain measurements for several GPS receivers (13 AUG 06)
Batteries -Should I use Alkaline, Lithium, NiCad, or NiMH batteries in my GPS? (12 NOV 00)
Batteries: NiMH are probably the lowest cost long term solution for GPS use. (Link)
Cars which may require external GPS antenna due to metallization in windscreen (Link)
Comparisons of Hand-held Screen Sizes, Pixels, and Resolution -by Matthew Birch (10 OCT 03)
EOW fix for older model Garmin GPS Receivers -Quick fix to get your G45/G40/G38 working again
Garmin Active Powered Antennas - A look at the different models (4 JAN 98)
Garmin Data Cables: What are the Pinouts? (3 JUL 01)
Garmin's diagnostic features - Mess with these and you may lose your data -by Dale (4 JAN 99)
Garmin FAQs Including a LINK to the Garmin FAQ site
Garmin Firmware Archives, Allory Deiss' Cache of Older GPS firmware
Garmin Firmware Revisions, Features, and Update/Upgrade costs and policy (Allory Deiss)
Garmin GPS Receiver Feature Comparisons with comments by Dale DePriest updated frequently
Garmin Icons for G-III+ in Graphic Form and Icon Number (Link)
Garmin Internal Datum Storage -What Datum is output in GRMN and NMEA modes? (18 JUL 00)
Garmin's official GPS Receiver MANUALS - Download yours from here (Link)
Garmin GPS Receiver Manual: Dale's version tells you more in simple language.
Garmin SP-III and G-V: How do I use MANUALLY generated routes: Courtesy GPS-Garmin.nl
Garmin Signal Strength Bars -What do they tell me? (12 JUL 99)
Garmin Simulator Mode -How to Initialize the Starting Point in the Garmin G-III and III+? (3 JAN 99)
Garmin's WorldWide Warranty Policy -Explained (20 JAN 99)
Garmin WAAS -Steps a Receiver Performs to Acquire the Geo-Stationary Satellites (23 JUL 02)
Garmin Waypoints -Why don't they increment by filling in the holes in a sequence? (15 JUL 98)
Garmin Waypoint Averaging -What is it and how does it work? (23 MAY 98)
GPS Antenna and Sensitivity Comparisons How NOT to make the wrong conclusions. (4 JUL 98)
GPS locks Quickly when my car is stopped and takes much longer when I am moving -Why? (5 AUG 99)
GPS Maps: The maps in my GPS are not accurate. Why is that? (NOV 05)
GPS signal strength bars -What do they mean when they are "hollow" or all black? (12 JUL 99)
GPS won't lock, Signals look OK -What's wrong? (4 JUL 98)
MAC computers and GPS receivers -How can I get them to communicate? (DEC 01)
Magellan FAQ, version 2.0 (PDF) by Dan Surratt (OCT 03)
Magellan Firmware Revisions, Features, and Updates (Allory Deiss)
Magellan Firmware Revisions, Features, and Updates (Link)
Magellan GPS Manuals: Where can I find them?Older units, Aussie Mgln (Links)
Magellan Undocumented Control Codes and Data Explanations (2 JUN 02)
Memory Backup Battery problems in some Garmin GPS receivers (4 JUL 98)
Map Memory -How much and how many segments do I need to load a whole CD worth? (Links)
Maptech Iraq SD Card -Very Detailed Street-level Maps for Palm Devices
MEMORY -How much do I need in my new GPS receiver (9 JUL 02)
MGRS -Which handheld GPS receivers have MGRS? (2 AUG 04)
Multipath: My GPS position (or speed) "jump around" and are not stable at times. WHY?
Multiple Waypoint Messaging -Explained (4 APR 99)
Nearest 9 Waypoints on Garmin GPS Units -Details (29 MAY 98)
OnStar> Where is the GPS unit and how to I tap the NMEA signals? by Pete Carter (Link)
Precision Mapping Streets Mapping Software
Print Garmin MetroGuide generated routes: How do I do it? (29 JUN 02)
RAIN, CLOUDS, fog, and snow: Do they affect my GPS signals? (28 DEC 01)
ROAD LOCK -Which GPS receivers have this feature? (10 JUL 02)
Routes and Tracks: What is the difference? (16 MAR 00)
Trip Log -Why is my GPS travel log distance never exactly correct? (10 JAN 04)
USA purchased GPS receivers Overseas -Can I buy in USA and use my GPS Overseas? (20 JUN 02)
WAAS and its Relation to Enabled Hand-Held GPS Receivers (27 FEB 06)
WAAS Operation: Your Questions Answered (3 JAN 02)
WAAS Tutorial by Dale DePriest (4 JAN 02)
Warm Start/Cold Start? What does this mean?
WaterProofNess of Garmin Receivers -Garmin Engineering (MAY 97)
WaterProofNess of Lowrance Receivers -Lowrance Engineering (14 JUL 98)
What Happens when Diagnostics Page wipes out all Garmin Stored Data (23 MAY 98)
Which GPS receivers can compute AREA/acreage when I walk a closed loop?(Updated 2008)
Windows XP -How do I get Win XP to recognize my GPS? (16 MAY 02)
Why Would I want a GPS Receiver and What Could I Do With It?

Geography -Maps, Datums, Waypoint Lists, Formulas
Address or Lon/Lat -Put in and get Map showing location using MapQuest or TIGER maps
Airports over the World: Where can I find the lon/latfor the World's Airports? (Link)
Backcountry Mapping -Garmin-compatible Maps of Utah
Bitmaps and Vector Maps: What is the difference? Dale DePriest tells us all
BUNGEE -Connects your GPS Receiver to ANY version of Google Earth
Coast Guard Lights List for the USA: Where can I find lists of lights, buoys, etc. (Link)
Colorado 24K Topographic Maps for Garmin GPS -by Roger Edrinn
Convert Datums, File Formats, Tracks to Routes, using GeoConv software (Link)
Convert LORAN to GPS lon/lat coordinates using this program (Link)
Convert RASTER maps to VECTOR maps: Is there any software to do that? (Search)
Convert between STATE PLANE, UTM, and Lat/Long courtesy of US Army (Link)
Convert between State Plane, UTM, and Lat/Long plus other coordinate systems (Link)
Coordinate Conversion Online Tool by oasisphoto.com (Link) and another tool by GPS2CAD.com
Datums: A Brief Description (14 JUN 99)
Datums: How much error in my position if I fail to use the correct datum with my Lat/Long reading? (Link)
Datums: My TOPO (or other map) program does not accurately position my location on the map. (Link)
Datums: New Zealand Geodetic 2000 (LINZ) datum -Information About NZ's new datum (Link)
Degrees, Minutes and Seconds> Where did the terms originate? by Sam Wormley (22 NOV 02)
DGPS datum is NAD-83 and not WGS-84 as used internally by the GPS - Will this DGPS signal be accurate?
DRG Maps -Digital Raster Graphic Maps -What are they anyway? (Link)
Don Bartlett's GPS and UTM Tutorial Site
Earth: According to WGS-84 (Courtesy of Sigurd Humerfelt: Link)
Garmin MapSource Product Sizes -for 13 MapSource maps (link)
Garmin MapSource (MetroGuide and USA Topo) -Data Source (23 OCT 00)
Garmin StreetPilot MetroGuide Database descriptions (Link)
Garmin City Database Details (1 JUN 98)
GEtrax - Google Earth track plotting from GPS data
GettyThesaurus of City Names - Put in a City Name, get back a longitude/latitude
Geodetic Survey Markers(Worldwide Listings) -How can I find one near where I am? (1 FEB 01)
GISCOVER is the point where travelers, outdoor lovers and GPS enthusiasts meet. (Link)
GPSy's Internet Digital Map listings: An extensive list of digital maps available on the Internet (Link)
GPS Basecamp -Find Yourself Outdoors, Download GPS Files for State and National Parks (Link)
Grid Conversions, Distance Formulas, Coordinate Transformations, and Map Translation Software (Links)
Longitude/Latitude Formulas for GPS and Navigation (Link)
MacGPS Pro provides a current digital map library for most PC GPS and Mac programs (Link)
MapRef Website -Datum conversions, Projections, Map References for EUROPE
Map Vendors USA -Who makes GPS maps for the USA and are they accurate? by Dale DePriest (FEB 03)
Mapping Agencies Around the World -Also Latest City Maps of Iraq from NIMA (Link)
Maps -From Around the World -Includes Maps from the CIA (Links)
Maps: Supposedly the largest selection of maps in the world (Link) (click on MAP)
Maps: Why are the GPS maps in my part of the world so poor and what can I do about it? (Link)
Mercator Projections -Norris Weimer tells us about the Projections and the MAN (Link)
Mexico Maps -Detailed Mexico and Baja Street-level MapSource and Topo DRG GPS maps (links)
Navigation BEFORE GPS -How did we do it? (Link)
naviTRAVELER -Download Aerial Photos and Street Maps, Find Places, Add Places, Many POIs (link)
Nima2GPS - Convert information from NIMA´s GEOnet Names Server into waypoint files (Link)
NGS Survey Marker Accuracy -Texts by Dave Doyle and Ed McKay (NGS)
NMEA Datums as regard to use with Ozi Explorer and Garmin Receivers (21 FEB 02)
OSGB -What is it? How do I set up my GPS? Convert to Lat/Long? Where to buy UK maps? (Link)
PetraStudio-Maps for GPS: Raster to Vector Conversion, AutoCAD Drafting, Custom Vector Maps
Place, -Enter and Get Waypoint -Sam Wormley's Waypoint Site (Link)
Prime Meridian -History of its Past and Present at Greenwich (1 NOV 99)
Sunrise/Sunset/Moonrise/Moonset -Give your location and find out for your area (Link)
TatukGIS Editor for editing and translating data between GPX, SHP, MIF, DXF, KML, GML,.. formats.
TatukGIS Datum and Projection Conversion Calculator (free download) -Instructions (20 MAY 02)
TopoFusion -Download maps, TIGER, NASA, Aerial Photo, and Satellite Automatically from Public Servers
TOPO and 3-D Maps to download to your GPS or Laptop Computer (Links)
Topo Maps, DRG, aerial photos, and other GIS info for USA Free, Courtesy Doyle's GIS (Link)
TopoShare.org -Free Adventure maps for the Best Outdoor Activities
State Plane Coordinate Systems (all) and their use with Magellan Receivers
State Plane Coordinate Systems (some) and their use with Garmin Receivers
Scottish Mountaineering Club -Provides information about available free Garmin uploadable contour maps
User Grids and Datums in Hand-Held Receivers -A Small Collection (4 FEB 99)
USGS DRG Alaska maps on CD for sale by GPS Trails
USGS DRG Topographical Maps -Where to get them -Other Sources (Link)
UTM/UPS: A Brief Description (15 JUN 07)
UTM: Which UTM Zone am I in? (Map)
UTM and Datum Information Web Sites (Links)
UTM and MGRS: What are the differences? How do I convert from one to the other?
View your home (probably) from the Russian Spin-4 Satellite or from a USGS Aerial view
ViTo Technology -Maps from Around the World for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC / GPS Navigation
Waypoints: A very extensive worldwide listing of Waypoint LISTS (Links)

Tutorial: How Does GPS Work
Colorado Hiking -GPS your personal navigation system (Link)
Dale DePriest "How Does GPS Work?" from his Garmin Reference Manual
Almanac and Ephemeris Data -What is it? (4 JUL 98)
DGPS (Differential GPS) -What is it and how does it make a GPS receiver more accurate? (Link)
DGPS explained- including WAAS by Dale DePriest
DGPS (Poor Man's) -Why can't I use two regular GPS receivers to eliminate SA error? (15 AUG 98)
DOP Demonstration site by Norris Weimer - How SV Geometry Affects GPS Accuracy
DOP -Dilution Of Precision and HDOP and VDOP - What are they? (3 JUL 98)
EPE -Estimated Probable Error -What is it? (23 MAY 98)
FOM -Figure of Merit -What is it? (29 MAY 98)
Global Positioning System Overviews, by Peter H. Dana (Link)
GPS - A New Constellation - Smithsonian Institution's "LOW TECH" "How Does GPS Work" Website
GPS operation and Tutorial book Recommended by Bill Straka (9 NOV 98)
GPS Bearing to Next Waypoint versus Direction of Travel - Explanation (10 OCT 98)
GPS's Clock Function and More Rollover Trivia (23 MAY 98)
GPS "Compass" reads WRONG" -Why is that? (10 OCT 98)
GPS Future: What improvements are coming our way in the next 3, 5, 10 years? Answers here (.doc file)
GPS Navigation Satellite message format and protocol details, maintained by Ed Weston (Link)
GPS Precision Timekeeping: Where can I get information and low cost equipment? (Link)
GPS Receiver -How does it get a LOCK? -Tom Clark tells us (17 JUL 98)
GPS Receivers -Where can I find block diagrams, schematics? How about descriptions to study?
GPS Signal Specification Document -U. S. Coast Guard (Link)
GPS Signal Tutorial -GPS Spread Spectrum and how carrier phase measurements are made (12 DEC 98)
LAAS: What is it and how does it work? (2 SEP 00)
Learn Nuts and Bolts of GPS from a Power Point Presentation by Cass Lewart (1 JUN 02)
Post Processing -Can I Post Process my NMEA data to achieve higher accuracy? (15 AUG 98)
Relativity: How the motion of Earth and the GPS Satellites affect accuracy? (Deeper Theory)
Russian GLONASS -Official Russian Defense Ministry Site (Link)
Satellites- NASA java program lets you see a 3D view of 500+and click on each for identification
Satellites -Where are they? Can I see them? Where do I look? (Link)
Spread Spectrum Transmission -Frequency hopping, Direct Sequence, and CDMA -What are they? (Link)
Trimble's Excellent "How GPS Works" (Link):
WAAS: What is it and how does it work? (2 SEP 00)

GPS Information
Airliners and GPS - Is it Safe for me to use my GPS on a Passenger Airliner?
Antenna Pattern of your GPS antenna -Measure and Plot yours using this program. (Link)
Antennas for GPS Receivers- Patch and Helix typical Specification Sheets (10Oct02)
Antenna for GPS Receivers- A Turnstile Antenna you can build, from ARRL (4 NOV 02)
Averaging Waypoints -How long do I have to average to improve accuracy of my GPS fix?
Battery Operational Durations for Lithium, Alkaline, and NiMH AA Cells in the SporTrak Color (Link)
Batteries: Technical information on Lithium, Alkaline, Mn and other battery types (Link)
Airlines which Approve or Disapprove GPS use during flights (Undated Frequently)
Boeing Service Letter -Consumer electronic equipment use on Boeing Aircraft (3 MAR 01)
Buoy Database: You can find links to various marine Buoy Databases via this link
Coastline Profile Extractor for use with OziExplorer and GPSUtility (Link)
Consumer vs Military GPS Receivers in a JAMMING Environment (DEC 04)
Dale DePriest's Index of GPS Information -A must see section of our website
DATUM parameter conversion: 7 parameter to 3 parameter conversion by Eino Uikkanen (FEB 03)
DGPS Services -Worldwide Listing of Available Services, Additional input Solicited (5 NOV 02)
Error Measures: 1 sigma, 2 sigma, 3 sigma, 50%CEP, 2DRMS, 95% confidence? What does this mean?
European Global Navigation Satellite System, Go-Ahead Announce (18 JUN 98)
FAA's Modernization Plans -WAAS, GPS and other Safety and Efficiency Technology plans (Link)
French speaking GPS news group: Where can I find one? (Link)
Garmin CitySelect and CityNavigator- Where can I buy a USA version new or replacement?
Garmin Data Field definitions: GPS data display definitions for Garmin GPS (25 MAR 00)
Garmin eTrex: User Manual, Load additional Icons, Interface with OziExplorer and more (25 AUG 00)
Garmin's European Map Coverage Detail Information (15 MAY 00)
Garmin'sMap Error reporting form- Send Garmin info on any errors you find in their maps
Garmin MapSource, Features Summary of R&R, USA Topo, and WorldMap CDs -Link (10 SEP 99)
Garmin's Official Upload/Download Protocol in *.pdf format (Link)
Garmin's Upload/Download Protocol: Definitions and Explanations (Link)
Garmin's Out-of-Warranty Repair Policy -Explained (17 SEP 98)
Garmin FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) (23 JAN 99)
Garmin R&R file index: Enables you to select which files to load onto your hard drive -by Gary McMeekin
Garmin SP MEMORY CHIP: Samsung NAND FLASH chip. Where can I find data sheets?(Link)
Garmin Tracklogs - Which is Best for You? (15 SEP 00)
Glossary of GPS and GIS Terms and other GPS Tutorial Information (Link)
GPS Altitude -How Accurate? (10 FEB 01)
GPS Cartoons -Do you have any to contribute?! (2 MAR 06)
GPS -Flying on Commercial Airlines -Can I make my GPS work from a passenger seat? (11 NOV 98)
GPS Navigation Message> Binary files let you test your decode algorithm by Craig Bailey (20 FEB 03)
GPS Operation in Foreign Countries -Will I be Arrested? (12 OCT 98)
GPS Receiver Accuracy -How accurate should I expect them to be? -A study by David Wilson (Link)
GPS Receiver Accuracy -Scatter Plots by DLR (German) show error plots (Horiz/Vert) (Link)
GPS Receivers: What does it take to make a typical model like the G-76S? EETimes tells us (LINK)
GPS Sales Projections: Yearly sales history and projections (15 May 05)
GPS Satellite RF Power Output? How many watts is it? (18 FEB 99)
GPS Satellite ORBITS - How often are the satellites in exactly the same position? (19 FEB 99)
GPS Speed: How fast can I go? How accurate is the speed readout? (17 OCT 99)
GPS Time -Is it locked to UTC? How do they do that? (18 APR 99)
GPS Voltage Input: What is the Input Voltage range for common GPS receivers?
Hiking using your GPS: Cass Lewart tells how to do it (18 SEP 99)
How Far North will my GPS operate? -Bill Straka gives us his experiences (26 MAR 99)
Jack's 'Museum' Collection of 18 (working) Hand-held GPS Receivers from 1994 to 2005 (1.4MB)
Jack and Joe - Why do they write all this stuff anyway? (MAY 07)
Kalman Filters -Make your own by Andy La Varre (PDF) -Bring your Matrix Algebra Book (19 AUG 98)
Kalman Filters-Sam Wormley's references and a simple explanation (28 SEP 98)
Longitude 1 minute, Latitude 1 minute: How many meters is that? Sigurd Humerfelt tells us. (Link)
Magellan (Official) Data Transmission Protocol v2.11 in WORD format or PDF format (MAR 03)
Map Reading and Land Navigation Manual, US Army FM 3-25.26 (Link)
MicroSoft AutoRoute (and other MS Mapping programs) won't connect to my GPS. What do I do?
NMEA FAQ and Sentence Definitions -Links to multiple sources (4 OCT 98)
NMEA checksums, sentence logger and other programming subroutines for GPS (Link)
RS232C Voltage-Levels Standard (2 AUG 98)
Rubber Banding Routes: What does this mean? Why would I want it? What GPS has it? (12 JAN 00)
Selective Availability -View tracks when it was turned off on April 20, 1997 (4 JUN 02)
StreetPilot Map Updates -What is Garmin's Policy and Price? (7 JUL 98)
Surveying and GIS information news group -Go there (Link)
Time Synchronization -Set your PC's Time-of-Day Clock using GPS and other Standards (1 AUG 98)
Topo Maps Worldwide -Why are they so hard to find? (5 JAN 99)
Waypoint Averaging: How much does this feature of a GPS improve accuracy of a waypoint? (Link)

GPS Instructions
ArcScripts: How do I download my Garmin data into ArcView? Here is a solution
Aviation GPS: An Airline Pilot gives instruction on how to use a GPS for airplane navigation (Link)
Backcountry Guide for GPS Users -How to Hike with your GPS -Book Review (9 NOV 98)
Boating with GPS: John Bell tells us How to use a GPS for small boat navigation (link)
Create and Upload Custom Maps to Uniden Mystic and Possibly other Magellan Units -by Todd Mesewicz
Firmware Update Failed, and my GPS does not work. What do I do now? (10 SEP 02)
Garmin "foot" won't mount on my Curved Dash. Jonathan Weber tell how. (6 JUN 02)
Garmin GPS-12XL Low Memory Battery Warning -A Possible Solution (1 OCT 02)
Garmin MapSource Maps: How do I install and operate the program on my computer? (Link)
Garmin USER's MANUAL - "Working with Garmin GPS Receivers", by Dale DePriest
GPS use by Commercial Airline Pilot: A transport pilot tells us his experiences (12 JUN 00)
GPS Antennas: Want to build your own? (Link)
G7TO/Garmin PVT Protocol Activate, View, Record; Includes Vert.-Vel. Readout (20 AUG 98)
Macintosh: How to use your Garmin GPS with a Mac. by Ben Sinclair (JAN 07)
MACintosh upload/download to Garmin GPS receivers -How to do it by Rick Klain (JAN 05)
Magellan330M function Flow Chart makes it easier to use your M330M, (MS.Word Doc) (27 AUG 01)
Ozi Explorer -Edit, Move, Delete, Bogus Trackpoints and Tracklines, Calculate Areas (2 AUG 04)
Pseudorange Data Processing: You can do it with a Garmin consumer model GPSR (17 JAN 02)
Street Atlas -Useful Tips on Enhancing Laptop and Printing Visibility (3 APR 99)
SA Watch (Data Logger) -Setup and Operating Instructions (10 JUN 01)
Test your GPSto Computer Serial Connection using Windows 98 Hyper Terminal (11 JUL 00)
TrackView -by Brent Hildebrand Converts MapSource Maps into a Moving-Map Display (17 APR 01)
USB to SERIAL connection for your GPS -How to make the connection by Steven Hitch (link)

GPS hardware and PDA mapping software
General Index to PDAs that support GPS.
Cetus GPS software for Palm Computers: Present position, tracklogging, GIS (Link)
Delorme Street Atlas Vector and 3-D GPS Maps (Link)
Destinator 3 Personal Navigation System -by Crile Carvey
Garmin iQue 3600-Palm OS5 Based GPS plus PDA system -Review (OCT 03) by Dale
Navio -Access to all the information from your GPS receiver on your Pocket PC
Nobeltec (Marine navigation software (Link)
PalmFLYING.com -The One-stop Site for Handheld Aviation Solutions
Palm OS Palm OS Navigation Topics -Information, Links, and Reviews by Dale DePriest
PocketPC and WinCE Hardware and Software -Links, Information, and Reviews by Dale DePriest
Psion Software -Links to Multiple Sites, Moving Map, Garmin Protocol, NMEA (APR 99)
Recreational Grade GPS Receivers and Digital Topo Software for PDAs -by Fryar
Vista (Scanned, Vector, and Flight Sectional Charts (Link)

Links to Third-Party GPS Intermediate Software
3-D Plots by Height -Both 2-D Profiles and Complete Rotateable 3-D Plots for Viewing at Different Angles
3-D Plots of GPS Tracks -A few Pointers (14 MAY 04)
APRS -Automatic Packet Reporting System -Reports your position automatically via Radio
Aviation Data Base Management software for Garmin Units
Aviation Data Base for Magellan 315/320 puts FAA data in Consumer GPS -by Brian Wade
Cetus GPS software for Palm Computers: Present position, tracklogging, GIS (no maps)
CUESoft GPS .NET Control MicroSoft *.NET interface for GPS receivers to NET software
DSH electronics (Software program that controls any map with GPS; incl. speech)
EasyGPS (free) is an easy way to create, edit, and transfer waypoints and routes
ExpertGPS displays your waypoints, routes, and tracks on Terraserver USGS topo maps and aerial photos
Fugawi (Scanned, DRG, and BSB Charts)
G7TO Programs (DOS/Win95/NT) -Up/Downloads for Garmin and Lowrance data to Street Atlas 4 thru 9
Garmin GPS Extension - Provides Ability to Transfer Data Between ArcView GIS and a Garmin GPS
GARTrip -Upload/download to Garmin Receivers, convert GPS data formats, prints waypoints, routes, tracks
Geovative Solutions -Create and Share GPS TOURS w/Images/Audio/Text & Downloads to GPS Devices
GPSS -GPS Software from Sunninghill, Maps for 110 Countries, Speaks in 11 languages
GPS Altitude Chart -Create elevation profiles from tracklogs, save them as PDF/PNG.
GPSed.com -Mapping Your Impressions, pin photos to a map at a place where they were taken
GPS TrackMaker -Edits Tracklogs, and Waypoints for Magellan, Garmin, Lowrance, & MLR Receivers
GPS Utilities -Edit Garmin MapSource Maps (Part 1) (Part 2) by Newham (Jul 03)
GPS Utility -Up/download to Garmin,Magellan,& Lowrance, datum conversion, data management, and mapping
GPS Visualizer -Plots Profiles and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) plots from GPS tracklogs and waypoints
GPS Watch by iNTERCHAIN Solutions -Turn your cell phone into a professional GPS Receiver
GPSy (Macintosh)
Karen's GPS Software Listings (MAC/PC/Newton/etc)
MacGPS Pro Software from L.W. James Associates
MAC upload and download software for Garmin GPS receivers -GPS CONNECT
MapToasterTopo -Complete New Zealand Topographic and Air Photo Mapping Solution for GPS
MyGPS -Freeware, Manage Waypoints, Track Profiles, and Routes on Scanned Maps
NEMA Simulator, GPS Simulator and Dead Reckoning Software for GPS Developers> by Sailsoft.NL
Ozi Explorer (Scanned, BSB, and DRG Maps) Now supports Area Calculations and Trackpoint Editing
PanTerra Software: Waypoint Management Software for Garmin/Magellan GPS has 1.6 Million Waypoints
QuakeMap overlays GPS tacks, waypoints, Digital Camera photos, on Terraserver aerial and topo maps
PCWize GPX Generator -Use for Geocaches or to Share files with Others
Tracks 4 Africa -Tracks and waypoints for direct download in widely accepted fileformats.
USAPhotoMaps -Download Aerial/Topo Images at Selected Waypoints -Instructions
WindmillData Collection software Logs Data from GPS and Other Sensors to Computer
Wissenbach Map3D (free) Rrecord your hiking and mountain bike trips on DRG maps

Links to GPS Information Sites
Aviation GPS Information Available Here
Aviation GPS Information Available Here Too
Build your own GPS with Doug Baker's OPEN SOURCE Project
Garmin GPS -Tricks, Tips, Work Arounds, Hints, Secrets and Ideas
Garmin Prior Versions of the Vista *Legend* eMap*MapSource*Venture*G-76/Map
Geography Resources from the Mining Company
GeoCaching: Use your GPS in a worldwide "stash" locating game
GPS Action Replay -Use with Windsurfing and Other Sports
GPS Atheletes -A website for athletes that train and race with GPS devices
GPS Navigation Watch -Navigation News, Information, Product Reviews and Analysis
GPS Speedsurfing! -A New Water Sport for Windsurfers
GPS-TOUR -Free GPS Worldwide Tour File-Sharing Platform (Hiking, Horseback Riding, Skiing (etc.)
Italiano: Informazioni e tutorial in Italiano sui GPS Garmin da Massimo D'Eramo
LaptopGPSWorld.com -GPS Navigation on Laptops, Tablet PCs, and UMPCs, (Discussion Group)
Peter Bennett's GPS Index, Vancouver
Sam Wormley's Comprehensive GPS Info Site
SNAP: Links to a host of interesting GPS sites and Information
Spanish: Pagina GPS Espanola: GPS information in Spanish available here

Links to GPS Hardware Manufacturers
Car Navigation Systems - Vendors of Automobile Navigation and Tracking Systems
CasioWrist GPS: 12 channel unit with up to 3 hour battery life
Garmin International -Receivers
GPS Equipment Manufacturers - A very extensive listing
GPS Equipment Listings at GPS World Magazine
Lowrance, Eagle -Receivers
Magellan, Thales -Receivers
SiRF -Manufactures GPS Chip Sets for OEM use (Link)
TinyTracker: Inexpensive kit allows Ham Radio types to convert GPS to vehicle tracker
u-blox:GPS Receiver Chipsets, Modules, Boards, and Antennas
VBOX measures acceleration, braking distances, lap times, cornering forces for racing

Links to Accessories
Arkon Resources -Mobile-mounting Specialists, Alternate mountings for Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, and Others
Automatic and Autonomous control of flight for model aircraft, parafoils: Who makes equipment?
Batteries -Who sells them at good prices
Blue Hills Innovations (Connectors and Cables for Garmin GPS units)
EarthMate to NMEA data converter module -Makes EarthMate work with non-Delorme map programs
Gilsson Technologies -Active Antennas, Cables, GPS Cases, Data Cards, and GPS Auto Mounts
GPS Screen protectors - Invisible Shield's thin sheets can protect GPS screens from scratches
Jose Ramos -Garmin GPS Cables, Antennas, APRS and PDA Cables, RAM Mounts and Other
Pfranc.com - Garmin connectors for "make your own" Garmin cables
National Products Corp (dba RAM) -Mounting Systems for GPS Receivers
SewellDirect.com, USB-to-Serial Adapters plus other Accessiries for your Computer
Wolfe's (Ron) GPS Accessories -Antennas, Cables, Mounting Brackets and such.

Links to GPS Software Products
Airplane Flight Planning: Computer mapping program assists in planning all facets of a GA flight plan
Aviation Flight Planning Software for various GPS Receivers
GPS for the BLIND: Sendero's talking map system can provide help in USA and Canada
GPS Track Loggers: Portable data loggers can log your position every second
GPSWarn -Enter your name and address into your Garmin GPS instead of the Warning Page
NMEAgent -MicraTek's freeware averages position, computes DOP and more
Satellites: How do I compute exactly WHERE they are from Almanac data? Use ALM2TLE (zip file)
SA Watch with DGPS via the INTERNET (GPS Data Logging Software)

Links to Vendors (Dealers)
USA and Canadian Dealers
Oceania (Australia/Asia)

Other (Non GPS) Features
Aplus.net -A Webhosting company we advise you avoid
Chihuly in the Garden -The Atlanta Botanical Garden
Energy Independance: Has the USA lost the Will to Achieve it? by Joe Mehaffey
Heat Pumps> "Intelligent" defrost cycle permits operation down to 20F and below - by Joe M
Humor: Sometimes you GPS enthusiasts get too uptight and need a break
Jack's Adobe Photoshop Elements, Quick Learn -With Professional Hints
Jack's Digital Camera Resolution Test Procedures (24 NOV 04)
Jack's Digital Printer Resolution Test Procedure and Evaluation of Several Printers (12 SEP 03)
Jack's Georgia Aquarium Photos -The Largest Aquarium in the World (JAN 06)
Jack's Motor Generator Set - Provides 33 amps (maximum continuous) at 120 volts
Jack's Quick Recovery from a Hard-drive Failure using Acronis True Image 11 ( AUG 08)
Joe's Computer and Ham Radio Equipment for sale
Joe's Home Building and Repair Articles
Joe's 12 KW DADI diesel electric generator (Product Review with Pictures)
Joe's 24 KW Perkins ElectroPak/MECC-ALTE EC0-28-L2 diesel Generator with Pictures
Local Area Networks (LAN) -Instructions and Hardware considerations (3 FEB 01)
Lookout Portable (talking) Security Systems -One of our website's sponsors
HI Solutions -Color Graphics Building Automation Equipment> One of our website's sponsors

Miscellaneous (non GPS) Facts, Opinions, and Information (updated frequently)
NON-GPS Products we LIKE and DISLIKE and Why
SPAM: How to get rid of it WITHOUT resorting to an "anti-spam" email address
WSTIAC -Enabling Warfighters to Better Defend our Nation (link)
I've been Thistled! > Avoid this if you can.

Internet And Networking Items
Atlanta Radio Club Equipment and Photos from Atop the BankAmerica Tower
Build a Multiple Tuner Personal Video Recorder (Tivo Clone) for HDTV use.
Cisco AP342, AP352 Access Points for use with Home Hotspots and WISPs (2 JAN 04)
Dual WAN, Multi WAN Routers> Are there some RELIABLE units out there? (Jan 06)
Dynamic DNS, Mailservers and Websites, How to set up the DDNS server
Internet Availability in USA and European Hotels (OCT 04)
Voice Over Internet Protocol>VOIP> How does it work from Overseas to the USA?
Wireless LAN brand/model operational comments by Joe and Jack (2 JAN 04)


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no nadie comenta nada..pone una fotito capaz que tenes suerte..
muy buena la info.... solo me falta comprar un GPS.

Gracias por compartir

Cuál de estos puedo instalar en Samsung Omia?

Che muy buena, me estoy metiendo en el tema y la verdad q esto me vino de 10 para arriba...
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Sabe alguien como conseguir mapas para equipos Lowrance iFinder????
hola me quería comprar un GPS que marcas me recomiendan?? gracias
La verdad, mucho texto y muy poca explicación para que sirve, cambia para la proxima
Hola desde costa rica, necesito el sofware del Garmin c320
alguien me conseguiria el numero de registro del garmin mobile xt para wince
Alguien sabe como hacer para instalar un mapa de argentina
para un gps con wince 4.20
Bueno, bueno ante todo para no ser mal agradecido muchas gracias, pero si necesito algo que no esta alli, jejeje el Gartrip si alguien lo puede aportar muchas gracias.
queria saber si puedo de alguna forma meter algun mapa de argentina en un equipo tomtom xl recien adquirido..
Hola, tengo un problema, cuando instalo el mapa nautico me rompe el mapsource, quiero abrir el mapsource y me tira RUN TIME ERROR. Y tengo que desinstalar todo, borrar el registro y volver a instalar el mapsource para qeu funcione, alguien tiene idea de que puede ser ?¿
Hola! ya lo solucione con este parche!!!!
Soluciona conflictos de mapas con versiones del mapsource 6.14.1 o superiores
Aca les dejo el link


Muchas gracias a todos.
gracias por la informacion dnde puedo bajar el delorme gps trial
Mi amigo, el post esta excelente, sin embargo comprendo a aquellos que necesitan ver imágenes para poder entender, supongo que es el tipo de gente que no lee un libro porque no tiene dibujos así que prefieren leer comics.

Yo también soy aficionado a los GPS así que estos links me mantendrán ocupado un tiempo.

Consulta para todos los usuarios de GPS...
Necesito pasar las coordenadas que tengo en el MapSource (obtenidas por el GPS) a AutoCAD. El tema es que solo me da en 2D y las necesito en 3D. Probe algunos programas pero el que dice que lo hace o es muy complejo o hay pagar...

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