Virtual Drumming - La mejor bateria virtual

Virtual Drumming - La mejor bateria virtual

the virtual drum set is an easy percussion instrument that helps you to know the drum set elements and their different function.
Free drumming is the drum game included in this drums method, in the drum games you can play the virtual drums elements
by clicking on the corresponding keys of your PC. The virtual drum set elements and the keys related are slightly different,
depending on the virtual drum set you choose. You can see and modify the correspondence between the keys
and the drums elements by selecting "key settings" once you have choosen the virtual drum set.
Choose now your favorite drum game, play the virtual drums and have a good time!

Podes elegir la bateria de varios famosos como Phil Collins y baterias de acuerdo al ritmo que mas te guste.


Ejemplo de bateria de JAZZ




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Buenisima la de joey jordison!
prefiero este
y el link? no mms.!!