Qmmp 0.5.0

Qmmp es un reproductor de música basado en las librerías Qt que tiene una interfaz similar a Winamp y xmms.

Desde hace unos días se encuentra disponible su versión 0.5.0 que trae importantes novedades como la integración con LXDE, soporte midi. etc.

Les pego a continuación la lista de novedades:

added extra stereo plugin;
added udisks plugin;
added midi support
added chiptune formats support;
added crossfade effect (experimental);
added mpris 2.0 support;
added scrobbling 2.0 protocol support;
added xdg icons support;
added tint2/lxpanel support;
added wm autodetection;
added lxde integration;
added possibility to center balance on middle-click;
added –status and –nowplaying command line options;
added possibility to move tabs;
added possibility to copy tracks between playlists;
added ‘show on all desktops’ option;
added 96 kHz samplerate support to equalizer;
added icons for udisks/hal devices;
added button to the details dialog, that opens up the directory of that file;
added audio buffer size option;
added ‘show playlist’ and ‘show equalizer’ hotkeys;
added shortcut editor;
added ‘stop after current song’ and ‘no playlist advance’ features;
added song numbers alignment;
reduced seeking delay;
reduced equalizer delay;
reworked main menu;
improved cue plugin;
improved audio effects implementation;
improved playlist mapping;
improved text scroller;
moved OSS4 support to separate plugin;
fixed playlist behavior;
fixed problems with large fonts in playlist;
fixed problems with invalid URLs;
fixed window WM_CLASS/WM_ROLE properties;
fixed format detection by mime type;
updated Russian translation;
updated Ukrainian translation;
updated Polish translation;
updated Japanese translation;
updated German translation;
updated Spanish translation;
updated Lithuanian translation.

Qmmp 0.5.0

Podemos instalar esta versión de Qmmp en Lucid o Maverick agregando su PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stiff.ru/qmmp-releases
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install qmmp



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carlos158 +1
se ve bien lo provare
buena la info
En debian, parece que no hace falta agregar repositorio!
Un solo comando

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stiff.ru/qmmp-releases && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y qmmp