Las Mejores 100 Canciones De Los 80'

Para los que vivieron esta decada o, como yo, tuvieron hermanos mayores que les inculcaron escuchar estas canciones... seguramente esta lista les traera muchos recuerdos a la mente.

De acuerdo con un compilado realizado por VH1 las siguientes son las 100 mejores canciones de los 80’s en ingles:

1 “Livin’ on a Prayer” Bon Jovi Bon Jovi - Cross Road - The Best Of Bon Jovi

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=lBzmoenHZ2U

2 “Pour Some Sugar On Me” Def Leppard

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=yVoABTmcWsg

3 “Hungry Like The Wolf” Duran Duran

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=___KbZneQ1s

4 “Billie Jean” Michael Jackson

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=_fHoDWc22B0

5 “When Doves Cry” Prince

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=gkbegMWGoj4

6 “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” Daryl Hall & John Oates

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=n30q_W-Vfe4

7 “Sweet Child O’ Mine ” Guns N’ Roses

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=jn5Y45vNp5I

8 “Like A Virgin” Madonna

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=VJ1Q_cZTYGI

9 “Walk This Way” Run-D.M.C.

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=NmDzKR7Rfx8

10 “You Shook Me All Night Long” AC/DC

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=Bomv-6CJSfM

11 “Don’t Stop Believin’” Journey

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=CNB1EUJg1-w

12 “How Will I Know” Whitney Houston

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=aiJ_2zQYUFg

13 “With Or Without You” U2

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=WdlPjAJFIrw

14 “Walk Like An Egyptian” The Bangles

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=BWP-AsG5DRk

15 “Jump” Van Halen

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=swzh0ngMNJo

16 “Need You Tonight” INXS

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=swzh0ngMNJo

17 “Here I Go Again” Whitesnake

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=oKTiwCez6Zs

18 “Come On Eileen” Dexy’s Midnight Runners

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=8ThWaMnlSZM

19 “Time After Time” Cyndi Lauper

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=Q1VlRqeTkE0

20 “Jessie’s Girl” Rick Springfield

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=adaYUM5wl7c

21 “Beat It” Michael Jackson

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=WObfcDIf6lY

22 “Just Like Heaven” The Cure

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=y5StFADI9NM

23 “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” Cyndi Lauper

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=OTtelwOgscM

24 “Take On Me” a-ha

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=9AXNBR2smPY

25 “Our Lips Are Sealed” The Go-Go’s

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=SEU5vXmE5mU

26 “Welcome To The Jungle” Guns N’ Roses

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=IYRC4H64EFk

27 "One" metallica

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=EzgGTTtR0kc

28 “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” Wham!

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=Hksil-KkebQ

29 “Burning Down The House ” Talking Heads

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=xNnAvTTaJjM

30 “Love Is A Battlefield” Pat Benatar

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=CjY_uSSncQw

31 “Under Pressure” Queen & David Bowie

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=xtrEN-YKLBM

32 “Sister Christian” Night Ranger

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=w1FeEezee4s

33 “Tainted Love” Soft Cell

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=YTGiyQRG2EE

34 “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” Poison

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=c56vEgA4fjU

35 “In The Air Tonight” Phil Collins

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=Riw7j9b8fM8

36 “867-5309 / Jenny” Tommy Tutone

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=tBHJqtgo8RA

37 “Janie’s Got A Gun” Aerosmith

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=Fv1N6TVCnLs

38 “Pride (In the Name Of Love)” U2

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=5rmGGlznSz8

39 “I Melt With You” Modern English

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=LuN6gs0AJls

40 “Love Shack” The B-52’s

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=leohcvmf8kM

41 “Dr. Feelgood” Motley Crüe

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=9oTrRRF8KoA

42 “London Calling” The Clash

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=I5B797VQuDI

43 “Look Of Love” ABC

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=ZkwEK9AYQHg

44 “Cruel Summer” Bananarama

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=oDrKm6OzSCM

45 “Nasty” Janet Jackson

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=nLLweEwG8Ss

46 “Every Breath You Take” The Police

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=doFKkuzoawM

47 “We’re Not Gonna Take It” Twisted Sister

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=WT1LXhgXPWs

48 “Born In The U.S.A.” Bruce Springsteen

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=7oVzHm_S0-A

49 “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)” Beastie Boys

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=6NdAUnnU9Ac

50 “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” Eurythmics

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=jltdIXuml44

51 “Round And Round” Ratt

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=vuWD7VrHquU

52 “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” Dead Or Alive

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=mCiVXigrjjQ

53 “White Wedding” Billy Idol

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=AofzLsvTsM0

54 “Push It” Salt-N-Pepa

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=25BlzbPU0FQ

55 “I Ran (So Far Away)” A Flock Of Seagulls

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=uUjIA3Rt7gk

56 “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” Bonnie Tyler

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=840B27zYfOk

57 “Mickey” Toni Basil

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=y4CyNvEfWoE

58 “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” Culture Club

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=pmQVWH9u8Xo

59 “Jack & Diane” John Mellencamp

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=feeHTm-dYGg

60 “Bust A Move” Young M.C.

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=xy4FXhkm6Nw

61 “Mr. Roboto” STYX

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=3cShYbLkhBc

62 “Take My Breath Away” Berlin

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=mWOkG4KPgNQ

63 “Whip It” Devo

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=Xbt30UnzRWw

64 “Straight Up” Paula Abdul

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=D5A3yF0bjLo

65 “I Want to Know What Love Is” Foreigner

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=gz2cUX0CNA8

66 “Just Can’t Get Enough” Depeche Mode

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=MipUFnJH994

67 “Keep On Loving You” REO Speedwagon

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=u-mw1HGJjdA

68 “Fight The Power” Public Enemy

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=8PaoLy7PHwk

69 “It’s The End of the World As We Know It” R.E.M.

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=Bmxyj6iInMc

70 “I Love Rock N’ Roll” Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=M3T_xeoGES8

71 “Super Freak” Rick James

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=75qXUfp4wtw

72 “One Thing Leads To Another” The Fixx

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=JIOKIB2Cilg

73 “99 Luftbaloons” Nena

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=jQYQTFudrqc

74 “Faith” George Michael

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=Mmd83LIADnE

75 “Little Red Corvette” Prince

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=rWTqAaWskCo

76 “She Blinded Me With Science” Thomas Dolby

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=JWitntwPjM4

77 “Candy Girl” New Edition

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=WSphUWQ7Lw

78 “Call Me” Blondie

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=aH3Q_CZy968

79 “Don’t You Want Me?” Human League

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=9EHpozHn-QA

80 “It Takes Two” Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=vsxsyZqmmlQ

81 “Word Up” Cameo

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=u_7Kp_TapA4

82 “Tempted” Squeeze

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=rUA7F9j_xzs

83 “Kiss” Prince

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=XHKNLyILIUw

84 “All Night Long (All Night)” Lionel Richie

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=QiLziusKW4s

85 “Addicted To Love” Robert Palmer

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=F0U5JfGYx4c

86 “I Want Candy” Bow Wow Wow

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=aMICD3aMZpw

87 “Rock Me Amadeus ” Falco

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=wjNmRwKiy88

88 “Ain’t Nobody” Rufus & Chaka Khan

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=eL1R0yK4pEI

89 “Brass In Pocket” The Pretenders

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=tSsatKLmm70

90 “Wild Thing” Tone-Loc

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=387ZDGSKVSg

91 “Walking On Sunshine” Katrina & The Waves

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=0BN-v-h_JBk

92 “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” New Kids On The Block

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=xteqZMheSeU

93 “Cars” Gary Numan

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=Ldyx3KHOFXw

94 “Start Me Up” Rolling Stones

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=ed36UQX8kXQ

95 “Only In My Dreams” Debbie Gibson

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=CxbISmBcYhg

96 “Down Under” Men At Work

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=b6oAFlPLGA8

97 “What I Like About You” The Romantics

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=jvHKjDKY_O8

98 “My Prerogative” Bobby Brown

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=f5YWqtOQq8s

99 “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” Wang Chung

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=JrBoOd7JQtk

100 “Working For The Weekend” Loverboy

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=7E82ozXyNjk

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la verdad q muy bueno, no tenes comentarios, xq recien lo pones xD muy buen post, usto lo q estaba buscando, ya me descargo musica, pero eso es rock, te falto la musica disco kpo, no te dejo puntos xq soy medio paja xD
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