Celine Dion - Grandes Exitos

Celine Dion - Grandes Exitos

Celine Dion - Grandes Exitos

Celine Dion - Vol. 1

1-Every body's talkin my bay down
2-I remenber
3-Just walk away
4-Love doesnt' ask why
5-Lovin' proof
7-My heart will go on
8-Next plane out
9-No living whitout loving you
10-Only one road
11-Real emotion
12-Refuse to dance
13-The colour of my love
14-The power of love
15-Think twice
16-When I fall in love

Celine dion - Vol. 2

1-All by miself
2-Because you love me
3-Call the man
4-Declaration of love
5-Dreamin of you
6-Falling onto you
8-I dont Know
9-I love you
10-If thats what it takes
11-It's all coming back to me now
12-Make you happy
13-River Deep, mountain High
14-Seduces me
15-Sola otra vez
16You make me feel like a - Natural Woman


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pavo el vol.2 es de christina aguilera
Haber huerfano chupapitos no pusiste la puta contraseña de mierda porque te robaste el pinche link de mierda , asi que vete a la verga y pelamela por pendejo como tu estamos jodidos culero chupa vergas de mierda .
Pstd: vete a la cerga
Y le repego la verga a tu jefa