Frases de canciones las mejores bandas (a mi gusto)

Hola taringeros les voy a dejar un par de frases de las caciones de mis bandas favoritas

Frases de los Guns n Roses

Sick of this life, Not that you'd care, I'm not the only one with, Whom these feelings I share.

When I find out all the reasons, Maybe I'll find another way.

Cause I got no more patience, Double talkin.

It's not a problem you can stop, It's rock n' roll.

Mama put my guns in the ground, I can't shoot them anymore.

When you were young and your heart was an open book, You used to say live and let live.

I used ta do a little, But a little wouldn't do it, So the little got more and more.

We've been through this auch a long long time, Just tryin' to kill the pain.

I could rest my head, Just knowin' that you were mine, All mine.

All we need is just a little patience.

It's all a gamble, When it's just a game.

Look at how you've spent your life.

I can't wait here forever, I got too much here to lose.

Sweet child o' mine.

Frases de Creed

All high and i feel like I'm alive for the very first time.

It seems my life is going to change, I closed my eyes, begin to pray.

I've created my own prison.

If there’s any way, Because the answer lies in you.

When you are with me I'm free.

Frases de Nirvana

I'd rather be the worst of the best, the best of the worst

I admire people who live without any problems, who sees the world with despreocupación.a unlike them, I suffer
more than necessary.

It is better to burn out than to dissolve slowly ..

No se donde voy, no se, only that here I can not be

All in all is all we are ...

I miss the comfort of being sad

If the media were reporting more good music, people would have better taste

I feel as if people wanted me to die, because that would fulfill the classic story of rock'n'roll

We've never worried too much professionalism because we have always valued more energy

The stars are there too, just look at them

My songs have always contained frustrating issues, relationships I've had in my life

Drugs are a part of my life that I am not proud of is as powerful as the devil

I need to feel something again has veiled to feel the excitement felt as a child

I think I can, I know I can

I take years to realize that my parents' divorce was not my fault

Playing against a bunch of people who respond well is the best thing in the world

The fact is, I can not deceive them, none of you simply not fair to you or my

I feel unsatisfied. but wanting to live

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