Therion: The Miskolc Experience

Therion: The Miskolc Experience

Hoy 22 de mayo sale a la venta Therion The Miskolc Experience, un DVD y 2CDs de Audio con el concierto que dieron con la sinfónica en Miskolc en el 2007.


DVD + CD tracklist:
Part 1 - Classical Adventures: (44 min.)
01. Clavicula Nox
02. Dvorak: Excerpt from Symphony no. 9
03. Verdi: Vedi! le fosche notturne spotigle from Il Trovatore
04. Mozart: "Dies Irae" from Reqiuem
05. Saint-Saens: Excerpt from Symphony No. 3
06. Wagner: "Notung! Notung! Niedliches Schwert!" from The Ring
07. Wagner: Excerpt from the Overture from Rienzi
08. Wagner: Second part of "Der Tag ist da" from Rienzzi
09. Wagner: First part of "Herbei! Herbei!" from Rienzi

Part 2 - Therion Songs: (66 min.)
01. Blood Of Kingu
02. Sirius B
03. Lemuria
04. Eternal Return
05. Draconian Trilogy
06. Schwartsalbenheim
07. Via Nocturna
08. The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
09. Grand Finale

Bonus Features (DVD only):
- Documentary (20 min.)
- Therion Goes Classic – Bucharest (16 min.)

Acá se pueden escuchar "samples" de los temas, y comprarlos.


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