U Smile version 800% lento! (Justin Bieber)

Aclaro, no busco el conflicto "clasico" de Justine Bieber, a mi me gusta la buena musica: La musica Clasica y las Bandas Sonoras.

Tambien es obvio que Justin Bieber es sinonimo de Conflictos de usuarios y es esperarse de 100 comentarios criticando antes de leer, lean primero.

Hoy estaba leyendo en Tv Tropes las referencias en el articulo de Justin Bieber y me encontre con esta joya :

dijo:# Crowning Music Of Awesome / So Cool Its Awesome - While people's opinions vary hugely about him, pretty much everyone agrees he sounds best slowed down 800%... [/quote]


Me puse a escucharlo, y bueno, no pude parar de reirme por lo raro que suena, parece un tema de Vangelis, Enya, Era o alguna de New Age/Espacial o de meditacion, pero es el tema U Smile de Justin Bieber.

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QspuCt1FM9M

Ustedes saquen las conclusiones: ¿es la tipica musica de Justine Bieber o es una nueva joya no reconocida de Vangelis/Meditacion?, ¿Musica Infernal o Celestial?. (Sarcasmo minimo).

No armen forobardo, es para reirse un rato.

Fuente: Propia pero descubierto en un articulo en TV Tropes (En ingles).

Naturalmente: Un poco de los comentarios de Youtube para los que no entienden el motivo del post:

dijo:I just imagined the world joining as one to help other people, and this song was playing in background. Whoever thought of slowing this song down was genius.

this makes me want to shoot myself!! you can't even understand anything.

It's very relaxing, but at the same time, it sounds like the music they use on "Please donate money to poor people in Africa", which I hate.

Bieber Heaven?

This song is like a kitten being born, growing up, getting fucked, meeting Tibetan monks, obviously in Tibet, and then regaining his life after a terrible downward spiral with meth through Christian evangelism. There were yetis and watermelons too.

This is kinda perfect for church music

at the beginning it sounds like spiritual music

i close my eyes.. i see whales swimming in slow motion. i see a panoramic of the earth from outerspace as the sun goes down and disappears. i see an old wise tibetan man meditating on the tip of a mountain. i see the ending of braveheart.

I want this played at my funeral!

this might be scarier than the real thing, which almost made me pee my pants

This makes me sleepy, like it though... Much better than the original. His original song make me want to suffocate myself

This is relaxing lmao. Makes me feel like im slowly dying thoughh XD

Sounds like something that would have been on the Titanic soundtrack.

i never thought about trippin on acid listening to justin beiber.

Sounds very, like, "spiritual". Like the music you hear in religious documentaries. I guess that's what "beliebers" like about bieber music

This makes me think of those underwater scenes in movies/documentaries.

bieber stop making pop and make stuff like this

lol! its like he turned from a worthless pop dipshit into some ambient-trance music artiste

this is like meditation music lol, it's now the only way i like his songs! it also kinda makes you wanna close your eyes(:

sounds like heaven's elevator music

never even imagined that this christmas i would listen to justin bieber on repeat... but here we are!! i'm blown away by this. congratulations to whomever made this.

It makes me wonder now if all documentaries or movies with epic soundtracks use pop songs slowed down like this, or if they create their own music

It sounds like an angel drowning

This is the most beautiful music my ears have ever experienced.

I think i'm going to meditate to this. See you guys later.[/quote]

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es la tipica musica de Justine Bieber o es una nueva joya no reconocida de Vangelis?

no, es una mierda
jposswald dijo:
es la tipica musica de Justine Bieber o es una nueva joya no reconocida de Vangelis?

no, es una mierda

el mejor comentario de toda taringa en su historia
GRAvias a Dios que aun existe gente cuerda en este mundo. y que no da su virginidad por una boleta de justyin bieber. que mier.. le pasa al mundo. su musica ni es buena sus puta...s fans simplemtente compran su musik de mier...