Conciertos de Rock [70's - 80's]

Conciertos de Rock [70's - 80's]

Que tal, aquí les traigo grandes conciertos de rock de los 70's y 80's para ver esos shows que jamás se repetirán y solo quedaron registrados en video para disfrutarlos a través de la pantalla.


Pink Floyd - Nassau Coliseum 1980

"In the Flesh?"
"The Thin Ice"
"Another Brick in the Wall (Part I)"
"The Happiest Days of Our Lives"
"Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)"
"Goodbye Blue Sky"
"Empty Spaces"
"What Shall We Do Now?"
"Young Lust"
"One of My Turns"
"Don't Leave Me Now"
"Another Brick in the Wall (Part III)"
"The Last Few Bricks"
"Goodbye Cruel World"
"Hey You"
"Is There Anybody Out There?"
"Nobody Home"
"Bring the Boys Back Home"
"Comfortably Numb"
"The Show Must Go On"
"In the Flesh"
"Run Like Hell"
"Waiting for the Worms"
"The Trial"
"Outside the Wall"


Aerosmith - Live Texxas Jam 1978

"Rats in the Cellar"
"Seasons of Wither"
"I Wanna Know Why"
"Walkin' The Dog"
"Walk This Way"
"Lick and a Promise"
"Get The Lead Out"
"Draw the Line"
"Sweet Emotion"
"Same Old Song and Dance"
"Milk Cow Blues"
"Toys in the Attic"


The Who - Live at the Isle of Wight 1970

"Heaven and Hell"
"I Can't Explain"
"Young Man Blues"
"I Don't Even Know Myself"
"Shakin' All Over / Spoonful / Twist and Shout (Medley)"
"Summertime Blues"
"My Generation"
"Magic Bus"
"It's a Boy"
"Eyesight to the Blind (The Hawker)"
"The Acid Queen"
"Pinball Wizard"
"Do You Think It's Alright?"
"Fiddle About"
"Go to the Mirror!"
"Miracle Cure"
"I'm Free"
"We're Not Gonna Take It"
"Tommy, Can You Hear Me?"


Led Zeppelin - Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1970

00:27 We're Gonna Groove (James A. Bethea, Ben E. King)
03:40 I Can't Quit You Baby (Willie Dixon)
10:36 Dazed and Confused (Jimmy Page)
26:09 White Summer (Page)
38:32 What Is and What Should Never Be (Page, Robert Plant)
43:11 How Many More Times (John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Page)
1:03:28 Moby Dick (Bonham, Jones, Page)
1:18:49 Whole Lotta Love (Bonham, Dixon, Jones, Page, Plant)
1:25:13 Communication Breakdown (Bonham, Jones, Page)
1:29:29 C'mon Everybody (Jerry Capehart, Eddie Cochran)
1:32:00 Somethin' Else (Bob Cochran, Sharon Sheeley)
1:34:10 Bring It On Home (Bonham, Dixon, Jones, Page, Plant)


Sex Pistols - Live at Winterland (San Francisco) '78

1. Anarchy in the UK
2. God Save the Queen
3. Holidays in the Sun
4. Belsen was a Gas
5. Pretty Vacant
6. No Fun


The Stone Roses - Live in Blackpool '89

I Wanna Be Adored 01:25
Elephant Stone 07:01
Waterfall 11:12
Sugar Spun Sister 16:17
Made of Stone 20:27
She Bangs the Drums 25:14
Where Angels Play 29:18
Shoot You Down 33:38
Going Down 38:10
Mersey Paradise 41:13
I Am The Resurrection 44:13


Black Sabbath - Live in Paris 1970

1.Introduction 00:00
2.Paranoid 01:51
3.Hand Of Doom 05:00
4.Rat Salad 11:52
5.Iron Man 13:15
6.Black Sabbath 19:40
7.Intermission 29:19
8.N.I.B. 31:13
9.Behind The Wall Of Sleep 36:45
10.War Pigs 42:40
11.Fairies Wear Boots 51:00


Ramones - It's Alive (The Rainbow) 1977

1- blitzkrieg pop
2 - i want to be well
3 - Glad To See You Go
4- You're Gonna Kill That Girl
5- comando
6 - habana affair
7- Cretin Hop
8- Listen To My Heart
9 - I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
10 - pinhead
11- Do You Wanna Dance
12 - Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy
13 - now i want to sniff some glue
14 - We're A Happy Family


Guns N' Roses - Live at the Ritz - 1988

It's so easy (at start)
Mr Brownstone 03:33
Outta get me 08:03
Sweet child 12:59
My Michelle 19:37
Welcome to 23:54
Night train 30:00
Paradise city 34:55
Rocket queen 42:08
Knocking on 49:11


Queen - Live In Argentina 1981

1- We Will Rock You (fast)
2- Let Me Entertain You
3- Play The Game
4- Somebody To Love
5- I'm In Love With My Car
6- Get Down Make Love
7- Need Your Loving Tonight
8- Save Me
9- Now I'm Here
10- Dragon Attack
11- Now I'm Here (reprise)
12- Fat Bottomed Girls
13- Love Of My Life
14- Keep Yourself Alive
15- drum/guitar solos
16- Flash
17- The Hero
18- Crazy Little Thing Called Love
19- Bohemian Rhapsody
20- Tie Your Mother Down
21- Another One Bites The Dust
22- Sheer Heart Attack
23- We Will Rock You
24- We Are The Champions
25- God Save The Queen

Conciertos de Rock [70's - 80's]

Frank Zappa - Palais des Sports 1980

01. Introduction
02. Chunga's Revenge
03. Keep It Greasey
04. Outside Now
05. City Of Tiny Lights
06. Pound For A Brown
07. Cosmik Debris
08. You Didn't Try To Call Me
09. I Ain't Got No Heart
10. Love Of My Life
11. You Are What You Is
12. Easy Meat
13. Mudd Club
14. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
15. Heavenly Bank Account
16. Suicide Chump
17. Jumbo Go Away
18. If Only She Woulda
19. I Don't Wanna Get Drafted
20. Joe's Garage
21. Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?
22. Dancin' Fool
23. Bobby Brown
24. Ms Pinky
25. Stick It Out
26. The Illinois Enema Bandit


Thin Lizzy - Live At Rockpalast 1981

1.Are You Ready?
3.Waiting For an Alibi
5.Trouble Boys
6.Don't Belive a Word
7.Memory Pain
8.Got To Give It Up
11.Cowboy Song
12.The Boys Are Back In Town
14.Black Rose
15.Sugar Blues
16.Baby Drive Me Crazy
18.Desaster *Earlie Angel OF Death*


Green Day - Paint Factory 1989

1. Intro (Rest)
2. Don't Leave Me
3. At The Library
4. Paper Lanterns
5. Disappearing Boy
6. I Was There
7. 16
8. Only Of You
9. Going To Pasalacqua
10. Knowledge (Operation Ivy Cover)
11. Road To Acceptance
12. 1,000 Hours


Queen - Live Aid 1985

1. Bohemian Rhapsody
2. Radio Ga Ga
3. Hammer to Fall
4. Crazy little thing called Love
5. We will rock you
6. We are the Champions
7. Is This The World We Created...?


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Dire Straits Rockpalast- 1979

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVDgZaOpYfA
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link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGV2Ta64uBE

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