Repulsion - Horrified (Full Album 1989)

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjRr3JG6A38

Originally recorded in 1986 as the Slaughter Of The Innocent demo and released as the Horrified album on Carcass's Necrosis label in 1989. Repulsion went on to record two self financed demos in 1991: Rebirth, and their Final Demo, often criticised as lacking the drive and intensity of the band's earlier material. Later that year they managed to release a single on Relapse entitled Excruciation. In spite of new material the band broke up in 1993. Relapse re-released Horrified again in 2003, drawing attention to Repulsion once more, and prompting the band to resume live performance. Repulsion's Horrified has been regularly cited as the most influential grindcore album of all time.

The Stench Of Burning Death 0:00
Eaten Alive 1:34
Acid Bath 3:14
Slaughter Of The Innocent 4:45
Decomposed 6:19
Radiation Sickness 7:42
Splattered Cadavers 9:47
Festering Boils 11:13
Pestilent Decay 13:07
Crematorium 14:12
Driven To Insanity 15:42
Six Feet Under 17:23
Bodily Dismemberment 18:36
Repulsion 20:23
The Lurking Fear 22:09
Black Breath 23:19
Maggots In Your Coffin 25:37
Horrified 27:24
Black Nightmare 29:28

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Así que Tan Bionica se llamaba "Repulsion"??
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eh amigo no compares esta cagada con los grosos de tan bionica
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la tenia ala banda, pero no ala info. gracias